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Practice Management Software for My Law Firm

CloudLex Raises $4M in Next Round Funding to Fuel National Expansion of Their Revolutionary Legal Cloud®

Practice Management Software for My Law Firm

New York, NY – CloudLex, innovator of the legal cloud ®, has raised $4 million in additional funding for its state-of-the-art cloud-based personal injury law firm platform.  This latest infusion of capital, led by principal investor Aligned Partners with participation from additional investors including Axis Capital Partners, brings CloudLex’s total funding to $7.7 million.  CloudLex plans … Read more

CloudLex® To Bring Its Users Full Integration With Microsoft Office Online®

Full Integration With Microsoft Office Online

New York, NY: CloudLex, innovator of the Legal Cloud, has announced it will offer its customers complete integration with Microsoft Office Online. With CloudLex’s Office Online integration application for case management, law firms benefit from the full functionality of Office Online, while simultaneously accessing vital case information in CloudLex, leading to an increase in efficiency … Read more

A Next-gen Cloud Platform Built for Personal Injury Practices

Platform Built for Personal Injury Practices

New York, NY:  CloudLex, innovator of the Legal Cloud®, has launched the newest version of their revolutionary cloud based personal injury case management software. Already an overwhelming success in New York’s tri-state area, CloudLex is now available in all jurisdictions in the United States. Designed exclusively for plaintiff PI law firms, CloudLex enables attorneys to build, … Read more

How Cloud-based Legal Practice Management Software Can Prevent Data Breach in Your PI Law Firm

Prevent Data Breach in Your PI Law Firm

You wouldn’t leave your car windows down while running inside the store to grab OJ—so why would you leave your law firm susceptible to a data breach while you’re out advocating for your client? Yet most people do…That’s because they’re not sure how to protect themselves. Preventing a cyber data attack isn’t as easy as … Read more

9 Key KPIs to measure your personal injury law firm’s performance

KPIs to measure your personal injury law firm’s performance

Personal injury attorneys have historically focused on flashy statistics, like the all-powerful claimed amount or billable hour to measure success; however, this limited focus completely ignores the efficiency of legal services, much to the detriment of your clients, employees, and the PI law firm’s bottom-line. It’s similar to the way baseball used to focus on … Read more

10 Legal Software Applications PI Attorneys Should Get Right Now

Legal Software Applications

Long gone are the days when you left the office, and so did your responsibilities. In today’s landscape, your phone and laptop are your offices. Mobile technology has reshaped clients’ lives and their expectations for service. Basically, the prevailing attitude is, “my paper towels can show up without asking, so why shouldn’t my lawyer?” In … Read more

Is Your Personal Injury Case Management Software Secure?

Safeguard Your Personal Injury Law Firm’s Data

Your firm needs reliable and secure storage for the plethora of plaintiff information you have on file. Archaic, outdated case management software isn’t going to cut it these days. Client-server technology from two decades ago with little to no application-level security translates to a vulnerable system. Plus, legacy systems like these are usually hosted within … Read more

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