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How to Perfect Your Client Intake Process and Stir up New Revenue

Client Intake Process

You may think of client intake as nothing more than an appetizer—a prelude to the main meal: the litigation process—but that idea is half-baked. The truth is no one eats (not your law firm and not your clients) without a carefully executed intake process. Think of it in terms of cooking dinner—the intake process is all the steps that happen before you start cooking (e.g., shopping for groceries, prepping the ingredients, pre-heating the oven)…if client intake isn’t done right, you leave a bad taste in prospective clients’ mouths and you leave your PI Law firm starving for revenue.

But that doesn’t have to happen! Below we show you a quick and easy recipe to streamline your client intake process and keep your clients’ fully satisfied.

What ingredients go into a streamlined client intake process?

Making your client intake process streamlined isn’t hard, but you can’t just use whatever you have lying around the office. When looking to perfect your intake, put these ingredients on your shopping list:


If you’re still using antiquated methods (like paper or spreadsheets) to track leads, you’ll likely miss out on quality clients. Your lead info should be easy to find and hard to lose.

Good First Impression:

Intake is the first opportunity you have to form a lasting relationship with your client…make your first bite count.

Complete Info:

You should capture all necessary information from the jump so you can make knowledgeable decisions for you and your leads.

Increased Access:

No matter how many cooks (or associates) you have in the kitchen, everyone should be on the same page so you can have informed interactions with your leads.


The best process is tailored to your firms’ needs and avoids repetitive work for you and your prospects.

Follow Up:

You wouldn’t bake a cake without checking in and you should do the same with your leads by planning timely and purposeful follow-ups.

Seamless Transition:

Just like you don’t want to drop a dish on the way to the table, the move from potential to current client should be seamless.

Careful Evaluation:

You can’t keep serving stuff that no one likes—you should always be analyzing which of your marketing efforts are working.

Now what? Now it’s time to start making your streamlined intake process, just follow these very simple instructions.

Instructions: Get CloudLex’s Intake Manager and start cooking up leads and profit.

That’s it? That’s it. Intake Manager provides you with an effective process to attain and manage prospective clients so you can boost your PI firm’s revenue and your clients’ satisfaction. With Intake Manager you can…

…Make Intake an Exact Science

Intake Manager guarantees you get a full plate full of info from the jump, regardless of who’s the head intake chef. Our intelligent intake forms guide your team through the entire process (e.g., contact info, case details, injury checklists)—ensuring your attorneys have all the information they need to succeed and your leads have a professional first contact with your firm.

…Organize Your Leads for Easy Follow-Up

Intake Manager helps you stay on top of your prospects—view important lead info (including interaction history) alongside vital firm data from the convenience of anywhere. And future communications can be scheduled right from a prospect’s profile…we’ll even nudge you with automatic calendar alerts to follow up on specified days. Once a lead becomes a client, all info is transferred to the hub of our next-gen cloud platform—Matter Manager—quicker than you can say, “bon appétit!”

…Discover What’s Working and Grow Your Profits

With Intake Manager you get insight into which of your marketing efforts are leading to tangible results (and which are not). In addition to built-in expense tracking, Intake Manager provides your PI firm with detailed reports on which marketing campaigns are bringing in the most leads, conversions, and ROI—so you can operate more informed, spend your marketing budget prudently, and go back for multiple servings of profits.

If you’re still hungry for info, intake a seat at our apps page so you can learn more about Intake Manager and the other innovative apps that CloudLex has to offer; then sign up for a free demo so you can stop taking reservations and start serving clients.

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