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The Stressors That Keep Lawyers up at Night and How To Put Them To Bed

Stressors That Keep Lawyers up at Night


“You look tired.” Has a co-worker, friend, relative, or stranger said that to you recently? While that statement could be construed as rude, for most lawyers, the sentiment rings true. While being a personal injury lawyer can be extremely rewarding…it can also be extremely stressful.

Being a PI lawyer carries with it a unique set of stakes—clients come to you in a vulnerable state; it’s your job to make sure they don’t stay that way. Add to that the everyday struggles that come with running a business and the anxiety that accompanies modern connectivity and it’s no wonder that attorney stress levels are completely out of whack.

Relax! We’re here to help you de-stress by laying out all of the things that keep you up at night and then showing you how you can put those fears to bed. Wasting time can cause attorney stress, so lets get right to it. Here’s what’s giving you anxiety:

You won’t get everything done:

There’s no such thing as an “easy case”; even seemingly routine cases come with a whole host of responsibilities, deadlines, due dates, and other obligations…and you don’t just have one case. Add to that administrative tasks and personal obligations and, even if you wanted to sleep, there’s not any time for it.

That’s why you have to prioritize your stuff by delegating when you can and investing in practice management software that automates your most routine tasks; that way you can save time and focus on the big stuff…like successfully advocating for your clients.

You won’t make enough money :

We don’t have to explain this one to you: your firm needs to bring in revenue to survive…but that’s easier said than done. Talent and a welcoming smile isn’t enough; you need a solid marketing plan and an airtight intake strategy…again easier said than done.

To help ease the burden, you should utilize intake management software that guides you through the lead conversion process and helps you analyze which of your marketing efforts are working—ensuring you close prospects faster and get paid quicker.

You didn’t send the right version:

Briefs and motions are won in the arguments, but they can be lost in the details. That’s why it’s imperative your legal documents are always up to date with the latest case info, precedent, citations, edits, and so on; unfortunately, that can be difficult when there are several “authors” drafting, editing, and sending your docs.

To prevent this kind of mayhem, you need cloud-based document software. That will allow your team to work in unison and your drafts to update instantly…so you can cut down on mistakes and increase your collaboration.

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You’re wasting time, energy, and money:

We’ve already covered how scarce you and your team’s time is, so it’s important you’re being as productive as possible with the resources you’re given…i.e., not squandering precious hours, effort, or cash.

One of the ways to achieve optimal efficiency for your firm is to utilize a practice management system that comes complete with tools to help manage and monitor your tasks…that way you can delegate (and re-delegate) your projects based on your attorneys’ workload and ensure you make the most of what you’ve got.

You missed a deadline, court date, or meeting:

This is the grown-up equivalent of forgetting to study for a test—except, instead of failing a class, you fail your clients…and potentially your business (i.e., reputational harm, malpractice suits, etc.).

The solution? Stop thinking of calendaring tasks like chores and start treating them as lifesavers by introducing tools that can give you access to your events alongside vital case info, sync with your team’s calendars, and alert you when important dates are approaching.

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You have no idea what’s going on:

Your personal injury practice may be moving forward at a steady clip, but are you headed towards a cliff? As an attorney, you need to stay ahead of potential roadblocks for your clients…and the same goes for the overall health of your firm. Whether through rudimentary methods or more sophisticated software, you should be tracking your firm’s key performance indicators (e.g. leads per month, conversion rate, stalled matters, marketing ROI) so you can avoid speed bumps and keep racing towards success with efficiency.

And now that you’ve faced your fears, why don’t you efficiently put them to bed with CloudLex. Our cloud-based legal platform is the ultimate panacea to all that keeps you up at night; so stop hitting the snooze button on a lower-stress work place and sign up for a free CloudLex demo now…because it’s time to start feeling good about your firm’s future.

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