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Work From Anywhere This Winter With Cloud-based Personal Injury Software

Work From Anywhere

The cold reality is that most of you are currently stuck in the throes of winter—either literally (hello record low temperatures!) or mentally (“Do I have to get dressed?”)—making it tough to go into the office. While as a kid you could just stay home, your personal injury practice doesn’t get snow days—your cases are moving forward, your deadlines are getting closer, and your clients’ phones still have service.

Personal injury attorneys can’t rely on old-school management solutions or antiquated personal injury legal case management software that allows your work to accumulate until you can get back to the office; you need cloud-based personal injury software that lets you run your firm from anywhere—so your cases stay hot, no matter how frigid it is outside.

More specifically, you need CloudLex®. CloudLex is completely mobile—so you can control the temperature of your personal injury law firms, no matter what’s happening outdoors. To give you a barometer, here are 5 ways you can run your firm from inside your home:

1) Organize from your ottoman

With CloudLex’s innovative legal case management system applications, you always know your PI firm’s forecast…even if your only travel is to the dining room table. Matter Manager (included in our iOS app) has a bevy of organizational tools, helpful scheduling features, and critical document management options that allow you to stay on top of your firm’s day, even when you’re in the middle of a load of laundry.

2) Collaborate from your kitchen

CloudLex promotes teamwork through matter-specific communication tools and integrations with your favorite apps (like Microsoft Office Online, outside storage solutions, and more). You can assign and monitor tasks, easily share important info and records, co-author documents, and more…so your matters stay hot, even if your team is snowed in.

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3) Draft from your den

We’re just warming up…you can also edit and share urgent documents with your team from wherever. And because docs are centrally stored and updated in real-time, you can ensure you’re always in the most recent version—leading to increased efficiency and more informed interactions with your clients.

4) Analyze from your armoire

Legal matter management and growth is more than just breaking down your heat bill—you need to really get under the hood and see what’s bringing your personal injury law practice utility this winter. Through our targeted reports you’ll gain in-depth insight into your firm’s key performance indicators (“KPIs”)—e.g., new matters per month, closed matters per month, stalled matters—so you can decide where to allocate or scale back your office resources while you lay back on your recliner.

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5) Problem solve from your porch

Just like you shouldn’t brave the cold in only a t-shirt, your cloud-based personal injury software should do more than just one thing. CloudLex offers you layers upon layers of solutions—e.g., real-time access to documents, task management, integration with your favorite apps, archival tools, the ability to grow your network, top-notch security (and that’s just the start)—so you’re never left frozen when you’re out of office.

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If after all this cold, hard evidence you’re still not sure about our ability to salt your personal injury firm’s road to productivity while you’re away from the office, then sign up for a free demo—our one-stop cloud-based personal injury software will shower you with efficiency and warm you up to success, no matter the forecast.

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