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Email Marketing for Lawyers

Email Marketing for Lawyers

Email Marketing for Lawyers

Email marketing for lawyers provides many benefits. It is a brilliant way to build relationships and boost brand awareness. Attorneys also use the strategy to market new services. Strategies will achieve the desired outcome when you plan and create strong digital marketing material and utilize email management software for law firms. Attention-grabbing email marketing content … Read more

3 Content Marketing Tips for Lawyers

Content Marketing for Lawyers

Law firms constantly look for ways to improve and enhance their business development to get new clients. Lawyers spend about 33% of their non-billable time on business development, and 41% would spend even more if they could procure new clients. Rather than spending unbeknownst amounts of dollars on print, TV, and online advertising that don’t … Read more

LinkedIn for Lawyers: 10 Tips for Profiles, Promotion, and Posting

LinkedIn for Lawyers

The most popular social network for business networking is LinkedIn, which has over 722 million users globally. According to the American Bar Association Websites & Marketing Survey, 76% of law firms use LinkedIn. A significant online presence on LinkedIn is advantageous for any lawyer who wants to gain new clients and establish themselves as an … Read more

How Social Media Can Help Law Firms?

How Social Media Can Help Law Firms

Today, social media is one of the most popular online activities. According to Statista, it is estimated that in 2025, 4.41 billion people worldwide will be using social media. When used strategically over time, social media can be a powerful form of marketing and can provide valuable market research for your law firm. But you … Read more

How To Manage Law Firm Reviews?

How To Manage Law Firm Reviews

As a law firm, receiving reviews from clients is a regular occurrence. Though getting reviews can greatly benefit your practice, managing them can be a burden, especially for smaller firms with limited resources. These are six best practices for managing your firm’s reviews, from monitoring to responding to customer reviews.

5 Ideas To Generate Personal Injury Blog Topics

5 ideas to generate blog topics

Personal injury law is a very competitive market. You need to make potential customers aware of your firm by promoting your brand and developing better attorney-client relationships. Digital marketing is a great way to do this but can be very expensive. That’s why we recommend personal injury blogging, which is a cheap and relatively easy … Read more

3 Ways To Build Your Referral Strategy for Your Personal Injury Firm

Referral Strategy for Your Personal Injury Firm

Marketing is challenging. Social media advertising costs are constantly increasing, and focusing on law firm SEO marketing for your personal injury law firm takes time that could be spent expediting a car accident or insurance company case instead. But amongst all your marketing efforts should be a focus on personal injury referrals from other firms. … Read more