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Single Sign-On (SSO) – What Is It and Why Law Firms Should Use It?

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Law firms rely on multiple different platforms and programs for productivity. E.g. With multiple users accessing multiple accounts every day, there are many different passwords to manage. Single Sign-on for law firms is an authentication process that allows you to log in to all systems using a single password. E.g Google and Microsoft. You might have noticed while login into Gmail or Microsoft account that it is hard to log in whenever you change the browser or device, it asks you to log in using push notifications or authenticator.

SSO uses your authentication of these accounts with Google, Microsoft, etc., and lets you log in/signup using the same authentication. This is a simple and convenient way to reduce security risks and improve user experience.

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits to using an access control system, primarily an increase in efficiency and security. In the absence of a Single Sign-on (SSO), each website or application conducts authentication separately. This means that IT personnel will manage separate login credentials for each user, and each individual has to create different passwords – more passwords often equal less secure passwords as users make passwords memorable and similar. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link applies to cybersecurity too, and the weakest link in a chain for any business is often the users.

  • Efficiency

Using an active directory such as Single Sign-on for law firms means that your staff members will spend less time scrolling through mental (or physical) lists of password combinations and more time working. This can dramatically increase efficiency and result in happier end users.

  • Security

We’re all guilty of creating passwords that are easy to remember and similar to other passwords we’ve created. However, this poses a threat to security. It’s harder to secure access to identity data from potential hackers when there are many different user IDs for the same person. SSO reduces this security risk by melding all passwords into one so that your team no longer needs to keep track of dozens.

  • Improves software adoption rate

Technology should make our lives easier, not cause frustration, and SSO is a step towards this goal. SSO increases the chance that employees will adopt the software. The sign-up process is simple and doesn’t require a lengthy process – and there’s not another new password to add to their list!

SSO for law firms means ease for your team members and fewer security risks for you to worry about. We have introduced an SSO feature to our next-gen, Schedule a demo today to learn how CloudLex can help you build, manage and grow your personal injury firm.

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