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Working Remotely? Here’s How To Secure Your Law Firm’s Data

Working Remotely

Working from home brings its own challenges for you, your team, and your firm. But there are also security implications for keeping your firm’s data secure. How are you staying on top of your law firm security in the middle of a pandemic?

We want to make sure you’ve covered your bases when it comes to online security and security programs. These are our top 4 tips to enhance your law firm security:

1. User security

Your users are a major access point into your network, and inadequate security here can risk a security breach. They have access to sensitive client information, so strong information security is needed.

  • Ask users to reset their Wi-Fi router password when working from home and make it as secure as possible.
  • Add multi-factor authentication to your systems login. This dramatically reduces the chances of unauthorized access to your network. Users will need their password for your system but also one additional measure.

2. Hardware security for law firm security

For your data to be secure, your hardware needs to be secure.

Ensure all laptops and work devices handed to your team are encrypted (ensuring data protection even if devices are stolen) and insist on security protocol from your team members (secure passwords, not sharing devices, etc.)

3. Use cloud-based storage

Where are your case documents saved? Saving documents locally can be unsecure and prevents seamless home, and collaborative, working.

Cloud-based matter management systems designed for businesses are built on the most secure servers globally and have 24/7/365 dedicated cybersecurity experts. An in-house server system can never reach the security level of cloud security technology, and the ongoing maintenance would cost your firm a fortune.

4. Use modern case management technology for integrated law firm security

Modern personal injury case management software designed specifically for law firms should cover all of these bases for you, and more, as integral parts of their software. Using a cloud-based case management system will give you security, protection from data breaches, and the ability to work collaboratively with your team – even when they are all in different locations!

If you’re ready to get serious about your firm’s online security, reduce the risk of a costly data security breach, and find out how best to manage it under these pandemic conditions then sign up for a CloudLex® demo today.

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