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Take Charge: Convince Your Boss to Switch To Cloud-Based Legal Software

Switch To Cloud-Based Legal Software

Bosses, managing partners, whoever is in charge of making the legal software decisions at your firm: avert your eyes! This blog isn’t for you (although it wouldn’t hurt to take a peek). No, this blog is for those of you deep in the trenches at your personal injury practice: the paralegals, the exec assistants, Suzy in admin who’s taken only one sick day in the last 25 years…basically anyone that’s been forced to use outdated legal case management software on a daily basis and whose life would be made infinitely better (greater efficiency, less headaches, etc.) with a switch to 21st century technology (i.e. cloud-based case management software).

Here’s the problem: you can’t just snap your fingers and make a new personal injury case management system appear on your (and everyone else’s) devices. No, in order to make your case management software dreams a reality, you’ll need to persuade whoever’s in charge of these types of decisions to switch to CloudLex, our next-gen cloud-based platform that’ll save your firm time and money.

If that sounds scary, don’t worry—we can help you out…all you need to do is figure out who that person is and we’ll tell you what to say to them (hint: start with “hello”). We promise that after you get done speaking with them, they’ll wonder why they haven’t switched to our state-of-the-art cloud-based personal injury practice management system earlier…hey, you might even get so bold as to ask for a raise.

So what’s the plan? As you know, time is money—after all, the main premise of this pitch is that it’s going to increase your firm’s efficiency and cut down on its costs—so you’ll want to make sure your pitch is short and sweet…while still hitting on all the main points. In other words, you’re not going to have the time to make an elaborate PowerPoint and get your favorite restaurant to cater a ten course meal, so stick to the greatest hits: more productivity for your firm and lower costs.

Start by going through some of the pain points of your current software. If your firms uses archaic case management software (e.g. legacy or hybrid systems) that they’ve had since the middle ages, then your issues are likely endless (including, but not limited to): the software is buggy and slow; it requires lots of maintenance; it’s hard to use; it uses a lot of resources; it makes collaboration hard; it results in duplicative work; it slows down productivity; it’s impossible to use outside your office; it makes you look bad to your clients; it requires a ton of training; and the cherry on top: it’s expensive.

Once you’re finished listing everything wrong with your current software, hopefully your boss doesn’t just stare at you blankly. After all, if they’ve been paying attention at all over the last few years, then this endless list of “complaints” should come as no surprise to them. But what they might not know is how CloudLex is different. For brevity, you could just say, “Remember all those things I just said? Well, CloudLex is the exact opposite.” But for a more poignant (but still brief) presentation on how CloudLex can make both of your lives better (while making your firm more successful and more cost-effective) then focus on these 3 huge points.

Why CloudLex?

1) It’s built for you

This isn’t about vanity—the personal injury practice area has its own unique set of documents, challenges and idiosyncrasies. That’s why you need a platform designed specifically for you and not generic piecemeal solutions designed to slow you down. Tell your boss that our personal injury case management software keeps an eye on data unique to your matters (e.g., auto accidents, slip and falls, med mal) and our organizational tools (e.g., tasks, calendars, document management workflows) allow you to track vital info like deadlines, logistics, and fees so you can focus on working, instead of trying to force your software to work for you.

2) It’s all you need

Here’s a good analogy to “hammer” home this point to your boss. Imagine putting together a desk—but instead of all the parts coming in one box, you had to buy every screw, washer, and piece of wood at different stores. That’s what it’s like building a personal injury firm without CloudLex—you have to buy a bunch of software (e.g., client intake, case management, lead generation) and hope it all fits together without costing you any extra money or duplicative work.  CloudLex, on the other hand, is one finely built desk—err, we mean platform—a comprehensive solution with deeply integrated legal tech apps that can increase collaboration and take your firm from intake through closure (and beyond) with efficiency.

3) It’s cheaper

If all else fails, hit ‘em with the bottom-line. People (especially bosses) respond to money and the cold-hard truth is that older (aka onsite) systems require lots of it: money for equipment (e.g., servers, networking, computers), money for software (incl. antivirus and security), money for around-the-clock staff (e.g., IT, security)…money, money, money. CloudLex, however, can save you some serious cash. That’s because CloudLex doesn’t require any capital expenditures to get started—all you need is an internet-enabled device (i.e. a laptop) to get started. And don’t worry about security or IT—we’ll take care of that. Not to mention, with all your Bankers Boxes up in the cloud, you’ll have more space to make that moolah.

Exhale! You did it (hopefully)—you presented your boss with a compelling argument as to why it makes sense and “cents” to switch to the cloud. And if your boss is ready to cash in on your presentation right away, tell them to sign up for a free demo of our next-gen cloud-based legal platform…after all, not doing so could be considered a fireable offense.

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