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4 Essential Tools To Build Your Personal Injury Practice

Tools To Build Your Personal Injury Practice

Are you looking for the best personal Injury tools to help you set up your solo practice quickly, cost-effectively, and efficiently?

Technology is the key to an easy life. From household chores to planning vacations, it makes life easier and dull tasks quicker, and utilizing the right technology can help you achieve success in business too. Having the right personal injury tools from the ‘get-go’ will help you start a successful personal injury practice so we’ve put together the ultimate personal injury case management checklist for starting your practice.

1. Get the right kind of website hosting service

Your firm’s website is like your dating profile, it’s the first thing potential suitors see and it needs to show you at your best. A reputable web-hosting service can help you safely build and maintain your site through top-notch tech support and state-of-the-art security features. A good service should include email services as part of a hosting package that can be easily integrated with office 365 or G Suite. This ability to integrate is crucial to boosting the collaboration and productivity of the entire firm. Tools such as G Suite let you take control of your legal document software, storage, and marketing tools, all in one place.

2. Save on office space

The present is paperless— Choose cloud computing, the ultimate tool that lets you run your firm from a laptop. No paying for storage space for endless bankers boxes, no nipping into the office to grab a file, and no difficulty collaborating with colleagues. With cloud computing, you’ll always have access to your entire firm and you don’t need office space to get started! You can even take on your first few team members, and as long as they have a working laptop, they have access to the firm!

3. Top-notch cybersecurity

You need to be in control of your personal injury law firm’s online security and it can be tough to know which product is right when you’re starting out. With a cloud-based matter management software, the security is handled by one of the largest firms in the world (Amazon or Microsoft) and their team of 24/7 cybersecurity experts, backed up by proven security measures. With all the necessary security certificates this tool not only keeps you safe but also protects your client’s data AND keeps you compliant. There is no need for an in-house security team or physical space for IT equipment, and with the ability to expand as you grow, a cloud-based system is secure from the moment you start your firm to the day you have 5000+ employees.

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4. All-in-one personal injury case management software

Unlike generic case management systems that can only provide piecemeal help, CloudLex’s cloud-based platform is tailored to guide your personal injury law firm from client intake through closure (and beyond). CloudLex helps you keep an eye on data unique to your matters (e.g. specific info for automobile accidents, slip and fall cases, medical malpractice) and our organizational tools allow you to track vital info like deadlines, logistics, and fees so you can focus on working (instead of trying to make your software work for you).

So, if you’re ready to get started on your personal injury practice then start crossing items off your personal injury case management checklist by signing up for a free demo of our next-gen cloud platform. Our innovative suite of apps lets you start your solo practice quickly, cost-effectively, and efficiently.

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