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Safeguard Your Personal Injury Law Firm’s Data

Is Your Personal Injury Case Management Software Secure?

Safeguard Your Personal Injury Law Firm’s Data

Your firm needs reliable and secure storage for the plethora of plaintiff information you have on file. Archaic, outdated case management software isn’t going to cut it these days. Client-server technology from two decades ago with little to no application-level security translates to a vulnerable system. Plus, legacy systems like these are usually hosted within … Read more

Will the Real Legal Cloud Based Software” Please Stand Up?”

Real Legal Cloud Based Software

More and more personal injury law firms are moving to the cloud for their case and matter management software requirements. Cloud-based law firms tend to be more responsive, nimble and cash flow healthy. All of which makes them very competitive in today’s environment of ever-changing technology and new-age plaintiffs that are always online. Your decision … Read more

Costs Benefits of Cloud-based Law Practice Management Software

Increase Your Law Firm’s Profitability

Over the last few weeks, we have discussed the rapid rate at which technology for lawyers has been developing. With these rapid developments, come a slew of issues that firms must consider when determining what legal case management technology is right for them, such as: what is the difference between “hosted” and “cloud”; how secure … Read more

Ethics and the Cloud—Mastering Legal Software

Legal Case Management Software

Lawyer ethics and the cloud is an increasingly important topic, especially given that technology is advancing at an astronomical rate. It seems like every day there is a legal software upgrade to download, a hot new app to install or a revolutionary new technology is released. Think of it this way, how many times in … Read more

The Best Cloud Storage for Lawyers Is Here!

Best Case Management Software for Your Firm

CloudLex is excited to announce the release of Digital Archiver, our subscription-based matter management software application! Now Managing Partners can easily send all closed matter data (notes, calendar entries, tasks, documents, etc.) to an ethically-compliant archive with the click of a button. Digital Archiver will maintain your matters on the HIPAA-certified Microsoft Azure cloud for … Read more

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