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How Your Legal Matter Management Software Can Improve Client Service

Personal Injury Client Service

You can have the most talented attorneys in the world, but without clients, you’re just an expensive law school. Clients are your firm’s most valuable assets, and keeping them satisfied should be your top priority. Your firm’s legal matter management software should not only help with that objective, but it should also allow you to gain insight into your clients’ minds—enabling you to effortlessly serve them better.

Below we’ve laid out the ways client communication software for law firms should help you effectively understand your clients and easily put that information into action—ensuring your clients, your firm, and your bottom line are all fulfilled.

Every matter, every hearing, every phone call comes with an abundance of client data; but parsing through it all for key info can be like finding a needle in a messy filing cabinet.

A state-of the art software with cloud technology solves that problem—allowing you to store, organize, and quantify large amounts of case files with ease (across all departments and devices)…so you’ll always have access to actionable info instantly, without wasting anyone’s time.

And with integrated plug-ins (like those offered by CloudLex), you don’t have to burn daylight switching between various programs—you can work right in CloudLex with all case info right at your fingertips.

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Even the greatest lawyers have to eat lunch sometimes, which means your client will inevitably have to deal with a colleague who isn’t as well-versed on their matter as you are.

With a cloud-based case management system, any authorized employee can easily access all pertinent case related info from anywhere, on any device—leading to quicker resolutions for your clients.

And with apps like CloudLex’s client communication management software, clients can have unlimited access to whatever you choose to share (documents, calendar events, notes, and more) through an intuitive online platform that mirrors popular social media apps and updates in real time.

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Being an attorney is less like “Law & Order” and more like dull and ordinary—most of your day is full of routine and tedious tasks. Your case management system should be designed to take the burden off your employees and let the software handle the most mundane jobs for you through automation (e.g. CloudLex’s Workflows).

In other words, your software helps minimize time-consuming tasks so you can focus on making your clients happy with great service and successful case results.

If you’ve ever tried to organize a birthday dinner, you know the challenge of keeping people in the loop. With legal matters, the information is multiplied X 1000 and it changes by the second, so making sure everyone is on the same page is a real challenge.

A cloud-based case management solution can help by organizing all matter-specific info in one place for everyone to see. And with apps like CloudLex’s Matter Manager, higher-ups can stay updated on macro-level progress through dashboard tools and targeted reports—so they know where to allocate or scale-back office resources…making your clients fulfilled and your firm efficient.

Clients are the fuel that keeps your firm’s engine going; without a steady supply of existing and new clients, you’re never going to reach the finish line to success. The right attorney referal service should not only help keep your current clients happy, but make it easy to continually add suitable new clients to your firm’s growth tank.

Apps like CloudLex’s Referral Engine allow you to do just that—market yourself to a growing network of prominent personal injury attorneys and take on (or refer out) new cases from the comfort of your couch…leading to increased revenues and cared for clients, both new and old.

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