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Get More Organic Leads for Your PI Firm

Get More Organic Leads for your PI Firm

In today’s age of information and technology, generating and capturing organic leads is a must to keep your personal injury firm running. With the immense amount of online material available, you can easily find yourself buried in information. In this post, CloudLex breaks it down by providing four helpful tips to help you get more organic leads for your PI firm.

Optimize your Google business profile

People searching for a PI attorney online typically encounter a sidebar with multiple Google Business Profile listings in the search results. Your Google Business Profile (previously called “Google My Business”) is your personal injury firm’s virtual storefront. 

The information included on most Google Business Profile listings are things like:

  • Your firm’s name, address, and phone number.
  • When your firm is open.
  • An average star rating.
  • Customer reviews.
  • Description of your firm.
  • Services your firm provides.
  • A link to your website.
  • A map image of your firm’s location.
  • Pictures of the firm (if available).
  • Whether you provide in-person or virtual appointments.

Customers may also have the option of contacting your firm by telephone or messaging through your Google Business Profile  listing.

Optimizing your Google Business Profile requires you to continuously update and monitor your listing, ensuring that the information and links are accurate. You can also improve your Google search rating by timely reading and responding to client inquiries submitted through your profile.

Harness the power of web forms on your website

Another way to improve the number and quality of organic leads is to harness the power of forms on your website. Web forms allow visitors to contact your law firm by providing information using an online form. You are probably familiar with the general contact form, but did you know you can include targeted intake forms on your website?

In addition to the standard contact form, you can invite site visitors to fill out an intake sheet during that initial contact with your law firm. You can save time and money by allowing visitors to take the initiative, skipping several steps in which potential clients can slip through the cracks. Plus, you cut down on the staff time required to respond to the initial contact form by sending the client another questionnaire.

With CloudLex, you can integrate online intake forms with your case management software to automatically import the client’s information and generate a new file. Showcase these intake forms in multiple locations on your firm’s website to ensure that potential clients who are ready to take the next step have a convenient way to do so. 

Provide sophisticated web chat features on your website

When people visit your website, one way to think of this is that they are walking into your office and looking through the firm’s resources. They expect to find a library (blog posts and online resources), a telephone number (contact and intake forms), and a receptionist (web chat). You want to encourage people to reach out to your firm, and you can significantly increase the chance of receiving qualified leads by having a web chat feature on your website.

The web chat feature should be intuitive, giving the impression that the potential client is speaking or can speak to a live human. Having an artificial intelligence (AI) bot chat is acceptable, but make sure the chat is intuitive and intelligent. Clients who experience frustration while using your website or talking to the bot may leave your website and visit your competitor’s website.

With CloudLex’s Intake Manager software, you can integrate the web chat software with your case management program. Doing so helps you capture more leads than you would otherwise and track information about who is contacting your firm.

Regularly produce relevant search engine optimized content

A conversation about organic lead generation would be incomplete if it did not emphasize the importance of producing relevant, search engine optimized content on your website. In brief, SEO uses best practices to create content that rates high when people search for related information on a search engine. Because of its size, Google is the primary driver of SEO principles and sets the gold standard for what content ranks well.

SEO content should address customer pain points, be authoritative or educational, and be written for people, not search engines. Your content should target keywords your firm’s potential clients are typing into Google and appropriately answer those questions. To help your firm’s overall search ranking, you should regularly produce quality content (blog posts, for example). 

You should also optimize your website by completing regular audits to identify and address broken links, site loading errors, and other potential problem areas. This helps Google find and index your website, which is crucial for Google to present your site to your potential clients. 

CloudLex: Our software helps you capture more organic leads

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