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Utilization Tips for PI Attorneys

Utilization Tips for PI Attorneys

Approximately 97.9 million individuals visited the emergency room for unintentional injuries in 2018, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) most recent report. With tens of millions of Americans visiting the emergency room each year, personal injury attorneys can quickly become overrun with cases and stressors. Without a proper plan to leverage technology and automation, attorneys can feel overburdened and even make costly errors, whether intentional or not.

The CloudLex team is here to support you by providing important technology utilization tips to help you maintain clarity and continuity. We designed our powerful legal software to fit the unique needs of personal injury lawyers in the United States, and we regularly make updates to stay relevant. Learn more by contacting our experienced team today.

One-click intake to matter creation

If you or your paralegal are spending time printing out intake sheets or manually transferring data from one program to another, we are here to tell you that there is a better way. Using the power of legal software like CloudLex, you can seamlessly convert a potential client’s file into a live matter in your firm’s system. No more hunting down physical intake questionnaires or stressing about whether you typed in the client’s phone number or email address correctly.

Create convenient detailed reports

Many moving parts come together to run a personal injury law firm. Likewise, with multiple cases proceeding at once, tracking what everyone in your practice is doing can be difficult. Save yourself – and your staff – the headache by leveraging the power of detailed reports.

Practice analytics reports allow you to take the pulse of your personal injury firm. At a glance, visualize the number of cases you have, their statuses, and the number of hours your employees have spent on tasks.

Legal software programs such as CloudLex give you a broad range of options for curating these reports. They even allow you to track the status of personal injury settlement offers, so you never miss a beat.

Powerful settlement calculator

Calculating and tracking settlement offers are a tedious and necessary component of every personal injury law firm. The necessity that these settlement offers are accurate can only be understated for your and your client’s sake. Without it, you do not get paid, and your client does not receive the compensation they deserve for their injuries.

Save yourself time, money, and stress by leveraging a powerful personal injury settlement value calculator to help you get the job done and do it right. Programs like CloudLex even let you track and assign expenses by case, client, and injury to help ensure the final figure is comprehensive. Gone are the days when you manually print out and calculate costs.

Let the power of modern technology give you the freedom to work on substantive areas of your case. Your clients will benefit, and so will your firm’s finances.  

Utilize electronic signature capabilities

In today’s increasingly digital era, clients may not have the time to come to your office to review and sign documents. Further, their injuries may prevent them from leaving the hospital or their house. In the past, this meant that you had to drive to them or print and mail the contracts out.

E-signature providers like Adobe and DocuSign have entirely changed the game. Your clients can securely and conveniently review and sign essential case documents – like the contingency fee agreement – so you do not miss out on business because something was lost in the mail or the client could not make it to the office to sign a contract. Instead of dropping everything so you can print and mail at a moment’s notice, harness the power of e-signature capabilities and let technology work for you.

CloudLex integrates with reputable and reliable e-signature providers like Adobe Sign and DocuSign. Confidentially and securely send and receive documents to your clients for their review and signature from within their matter. You can add notes and indicate what requires special review, an initial, or a signature, and the program tracks the document’s status for you.

CloudLex: We Built Our Case Management Software to Support Personal Injury Attorneys

At CloudLex, we understand that time is money, and every efficiency mishap can jeopardize your firm’s financial health and your staff’s morale. Throughout our years in the legal software business, we have developed and perfected our program to encourage efficiency and security.

For example, our powerful settlement calculator takes the guesswork out of calculating your client’s compensation and allows you to track and manage offers, so you stay ahead of the curve. Our legal practice analytics dashboard enables you to track multiple metrics to gauge the health of your firm.

Contact our team today to discover more ways that we can support you and your law firm.

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