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How To Select the Right E-signature Software for Law Firms

How To Select the Right E-signature Software for Law Firms

E-signature software for law firms enables users to collect signatures on important legal documents that are shared electronically. This minimizes the need to track down other parties to get physical signatures as well as the space these documents would normally take up when stored. 

The e-signature software itself takes care of the digital distribution of legally sensitive documents so that law firms can collect signatures as needed. It also takes care of the encryption of said documents to ensure the safety and security of all parties involved while ensuring that law firms remain compliant with confidentiality laws and the Global and National Commerce Act, otherwise known as the E-sign Act

  • E-signature software, such as Adobe sign or Docusign for law firms, is used for electronically collecting signatures on important legal documents.
  • E-signature software also enables law firms to remain compliant with global and national legislation while providing digital storage for legal records as opposed to filing cabinets that take up tons of space.

Read on to learn more about e-signature software for law firms as well as how to choose the right one for yours.

What exactly is an e-signature for law firms?

E-Signature is short for electronic signature, which is essentially a digital signature that takes the place of one created with pen and paper. The signature itself uses a mathematical algorithm to validate the authenticity and integrity of the message coming through on the digital document. It’s also legally binding — like a real signature.

In a sense, digital signatures create a virtual fingerprint. This fingerprint is unique to the individual or entity that owns or signs the document in question and is used to identify the parties involved while protecting the document’s information. 

  • As long as the e-signature adheres to local, national, or global legislation requirements, it has the same legal standing as a regular, handwritten signature.
  • The concept of e-signatures isn’t necessarily new. Telegraph signatures have been recognized as far back as the mid-19th century, and fax signatures since the 80s.

Why do you need law firm e-signature software?

Remote legal work has become more common in recent years thanks to cloud-based technology and, of course, the global pandemic. From HR to your standard cease and desist document, e-signatures for law firms are becoming more of a necessity as well as a convenience.

Law firms are especially tasked with the managing incredible private documents, including non-disclosure agreements, sales contracts, partnership contracts, hiring documentation, internal complaints, vendor agreements, letters of intent, and much more. Law firm e-signature software provides a solution that can integrate with any software a law firm already uses to keep everything in one safe and centralized digital location.

  • E-signature software for law firms offers convenience for the parties involved that would need quick access to the signed documents right from your case management software.
  • Coordinating hand-written signatures and physically storing the documentation can become a cumbersome back-and-forth process. E-signatures allow law firms to streamline the entire process, saving each party time while cutting down on the potential for human error.

Things to consider when choosing e-signature software for law firms

When selecting law firm e-signature software, it’s important to consider aspects like product functionality, integration capabilities, compliance risk, geography, customer support, etc. More importantly, you’ll need to consider your business requirements to evaluate all the potential use cases across your law firm.

  • The e-signature service you choose should align with your law firm’s needs and your clients’ needs.
  • The e-signature software company you partner with for your law firm should have a good reputation when it comes to data privacy and compliance to ensure the safety and security of all parties involved.

E-signature software for law firms at your service

Are you looking for e-signature software for your law firm that can provide you with multiple levels of convenience, including reduced wait time for signatures, filing, legal cloud storage, and cost while fully integrating with your current software and more?

With e-signature technology becoming more prevalent in today’s society, it’s time to adapt and start working smarter — not harder. CloudLex’s e-signature software for law firms can guarantee a solution that’s not just legally binding but also secure, compliant, and fast to meet all of your law firm’s business needs. 

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