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The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media for Law Firms 

Social media for PI attorneys

In an increasingly connected age, social media can be a powerful tool to elevate your law firm’s reputation and visibility. The American Bar Association generally supports attorneys using these platforms to educate the public and advertise an attorney’s services but cautions against indiscriminately utilizing this technology. This introductory guide gives you a framework to understand important do’s and don’ts of social media marketing for attorneys.    

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Do take the time to understand your audience 

Before posting on social media, take time to understand your audience. By this, we do not just mean who your intended audience is but who may have access to the content you post. 

For example, you may post a comment designed solely for your colleagues, but if clients or potential clients see it and misunderstand its meaning, it can cost you business and your reputation. Likewise, sharing or reposting content that you find entertaining for personal reasons may backfire if it does not reflect your overall brand or what clients seek in a personal injury attorney. 

Don’t post without purpose 

There is a time and a place for acting first and thinking later. Emergencies sometimes call for quick action, such as dialing 911 or rushing to someone’s aid. In these scenarios, the time for pondering can mean life or death for the person who needs help. 

Very rarely does a social media marketing post require such a hairpin-trigger reaction. In most cases, posting without thinking can cost you more in the short and long term than it would risk being behind in a trend. Before you post content, consider the purpose of posting and the goals you hope it can accomplish. Consider your audience, the image the content portrays, and how a potential client might feel if they read it.

Do leverage your visibility to promote your firm’s services 

Garnering a large following, locally, statewide, or nationally, can be a blessing. With it comes both responsibility and opportunity. Social media marketing for law firms can be a brilliant tool to showcase your accomplishments and your firm’s successes and services and educate the public about common legal topics. 

Most potential clients search for an attorney online, typically by searching for an attorney through Google or another search engine. Showcasing your firm’s brand and offerings is an opportunity to increase the chances that a potential client will find and choose you. 

Do repurpose or refresh your social media content for law firms 

One excellent way to social media post with purpose is to repurpose or refresh your firm’s content on social media. For example, you might have a blog post that has generated many web views. You can leverage the success of this blog and take it even further by summarizing parts of the content and sharing it on social media with a link to the blog on your firm’s website. You can also use this method to help a post that is helpful but is not generating enough traffic on its own. 

Anytime you launch a social media marketing campaign, it is a good idea first to hone your intake management process. Social media is an excellent way to help the phones start ringing, but you also want to ensure your office is prepared for new clients and does not allow anyone to slip through the cracks because of a flawed process. 

Do use analytics and reports to understand the ROI 

Part of posting with purpose also relates to understanding the benefits your firm is receiving from devoting time and resources to leveraging social media. You may feel like you are getting great feedback from people online, but it may not be converting viewers into potential clients or leading to an increase in desirable cases. 

With case management software like CloudLex, you can generate powerful reports to analyze where your clients are finding you. You can use this to calculate to determine if you are using your time and resources well or if another approach is needed to get the desired results. You can also use this information to assess the quality of the leads from your increased social media presence. 

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