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Lead Generation for Lawyers: Live Call Leads vs. Web Leads 

Lead Generations for Lawyers

With the legal industry now catapulted into the present regarding technology and how they deliver services, more attorneys are asking questions about lead generation and the sales process. Knowing the difference between live call leads and web leads can help your firm effectively engage with potential clients to encourage them to become paying clients. After all, a fine-tuned and informed process can foster growth.  

CloudLex helps Personal Injury attorneys manage and grow their practice by providing robust client intake management software as part of our personal injury case management software. Out of the box, our software has robust features to serve personal injury law firms’ unique needs.  

What is a lead? 

A “lead” is an individual or business that has the potential to become a paying client. Depending on where they are in the sales funnel, they may be interested in your services, ready to schedule a consultation, or curious about what your firm offers.  

Further, businesses may use different criteria to define what makes someone a lead. For example, a law firm may classify as leads people who are interested in becoming a client and consider those who could potentially be interested in the firm’s services as prospects. For this article, “leads” refers to people interested in your firm’s services and who have contacted you. 

What are the different types of leads? 

Not every lead is the same regarding where they are in the sales process and how they contact your firm. Three types of leads are essential to know about: web, live call, and qualified. Each plays an integral part in the sales process and can help inform your team’s method of interacting with them. 

Web Leads 

Web leads are potential clients who visit your website and contact your office through a web form or chatbot. They have researched attorneys online (or were referred directly to your office), perused your website, and decided to reach out about your services. They have a legal issue that may or may not fall within a practice area you offer. 

Live Call Leads 

Live call leads are potential clients who have called your office to schedule a consultation or learn more about your services. They may have obtained your phone number through an online directory, through your website, from a friend or family member, or from another attorney. Like web leads, they may need help with a legal problem your office can solve. 

Qualified Leads 

A qualified lead is a potential client who has passed the initial screening process. Before you schedule a consultation or agree to represent someone, you must understand more about them, their legal problem, and if they are a good fit for you or your firm.  

You accomplish this by engaging in a screening process, either through target questions asked on a web form, by a chatbot, or by a member of your team. A web lead or live call lead can become a qualified lead if they pass the screening process.  

How can I track and manage leads? 

Tracking and managing lead generation for law firms is critical to ensuring clients do not slip through the cracks and that your marketing dollars have the expected result. You can monitor leads through your firm’s website, Google Business Profile, or case management software

CloudLex helps ensure that you have all the information you need about leads when you need it. Our comprehensive intake dashboard allows you to begin your day by viewing your firm’s total leads, calculating the conversion rate, and generating reports on your leads. We help you take the guesswork out of client acquisition by arming you with the solutions and the data you need to manage your cases and make informed decisions. 

How can I increase the chance that a lead becomes a client? 

With every lead comes opportunity, but fostering engagement is critical to help the lead take the next step to become a paying client. People want to feel heard and valued when they contact an attorney. They have suffered an injury and are grappling with the consequences of being the victim of an injustice. 

Ensuring your team respects their time by promptly responding to their inquiries and honors their vulnerability by being compassionate can help a lead decide to hire your team. 

CloudLex: State-of-the-art client intake solutions 

Managing your caseload, keeping up with your deadlines, preparing for court, and balancing the firm’s budget: Maintaining a personal injury law firm takes hustle, hard work, and a streamlined process for every task. For those who do not have time to do it all, we provide a case management software suite that does. 

From our personal injury settlement calculator to our intuitive client intake management software, we support nearly every aspect of running a firm and handling your personal injury cases, from when a lead calls to when you reach a settlement agreement or go to trial. 

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