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6 Ways to Improve Personal Injury Law Firm Client Communications 

6 Ways to Improve Personal Injury Law Firm Client Communications 

How your firm effectively communicates with your clients can significantly impact their experience and perception of your firm. According to the American Bar Association, communication issues are one of the most common complaints among clients about their attorneys. Improving how you communicate with clients can help you get and maintain happier paying clients at your personal injury law firm and avoid malpractice mishaps. 

CloudLex curated its personal injury case management software to serve the particular needs of personal injury attorneys. Our program enables firms to improve and streamline their communication process to create a more efficient and pleasant client experience. 

Modernize your law firm email management process 

Email management for lawyers is a fantastic tool that attorneys can use to communicate with clients, co-counsel, other members of your firm, and opposing counsel. But most email programs need an upgrade to be an efficient part of your case management process.

For example, your firm’s case management software should include a plug-in to easily track matter-related messages and attach them to your client’s electronic file. An even better solution is sending and receiving case emails from within the clients’ electronic matter. 

Allow clients to e-sign documents 

In today’s fast-paced age of technology, it is essential to allow your clients to sign documents, such as the retainer agreement, electronically. Many clients are back in the office and unable to easily take time off work to drive to your firm and sign documents in person. Likewise, most jurisdictions consider a valid electronic signature acceptable and equal to a wet signature. 

By allowing clients to sign documents electronically, you can also improve their chances of agreeing to hire you as their attorney. Any delay in the process can foster doubt or give that first impression time to fade, so it is better to present clients with the option to e-sign early on.

CloudLex integrates with the top two e-signature platforms on the market, Adobe Sign and Docusign for law firms, helping personal injury lawyers to attract and keep clients and streamline the case management process. 

Instead of spending time sifting through your email to find a copy of that email you remember receiving from your client months ago, simplify the process by securely messaging clients in a designated portal. Case management providers like CloudLex provide subscribers with a convenient and secure legal client communication tool to send and receive messages, case updates, payments, documents, and more from clients. 

CloudLex allows you to access this critical feature by logging into your account online or downloading the app. With the click of a button, you can send attachments to your clients while viewing their electronic case files without logging into your email provider and searching for and attaching the document. 

Send and receive documents electronically 

Unless the client requests that your firm send them paper copies of documents, you and your team can save valuable time and money by electronically sending case materials to your clients.

Mailing paper copies takes significant staff time and can become expensive, especially if you add up the cost of postage across all your cases. With the right legal document management software, you can conveniently and securely transmit case documents to your clients through a secure portal or by clicking a “share” button within the client’s electronic file. 

Save your team the headache of printing, putting in an envelope, and paying postage for paper copies by sending and receiving documents electronically. You can even go a step further and ask that clients agree to receive documents electronically as part of your representation agreement to make sure you cover your bases. 

Utilize text messaging capabilities with client communication app for law firms 

Much about the legal industry has changed over the years, partly driven by client expectations. Clients have less and less patience when waiting for a potential or retained lawyer to return their calls. One way to ensure your staff does not miss a beat is to allow clients to communicate with your firm via text messaging. 

Use a secure internal messaging program 

Busy PI law firms juggle many tasks and matters at any given time. Communicating case updates can be challenging and tedious because you may need to regroup with other firm members to see the status of everyone’s tasks on the case. Using a secure internal messaging program, you can quickly obtain and send status updates to other firm members, so everyone is on the same page and has the information needed to talk to the client about the case. 

CloudLex can help elevate your practice 

CloudLex understands that straightforward and convenient communication is critical for law firms. Our suite of solutions enables you and your team to engage with each other and your clients in better ways than the traditional telephone or snail mail. 

To find out how we can help improve your communication with clients, contact us today for a no-obligation conversation about our software. 

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