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Why Personal Injury Law Firms Need To Modernize

Why Personal Injury Law Firms Need To Modernize

Personal injury law has evolved exponentially, particularly in the last 20 years. This means that implementing the latest legal technology is no longer a luxury; it’s essential. After all, your competition will already be using it, and your clients have grown to expect it. In this blog post, we discuss how CloudLex can help you modernize your personal injury law firm.

Below we help you figure out if you’re stuck in the past and outline the many reasons why (and how) you should get up to speed.

Is your personal injury firm behind the times?

Do you…

  • Take up tons of office space with Bankers Boxes and in-house servers?
  • Need to be in the office to get work done?
  • Constantly have to upgrade software, backup data, and train employees?
  • Employ a large around-the-clock IT staff?
  • Waste time looking for documents?
  • Spend a ton of money on equipment, overhead, and support staff rather than potential clients?
  • Worry all the time about cybersecurity issues?
  • Feel unequipped to handle growth?
  • Wonder if you’re susceptible to loss from natural disasters?
  • Find it hard to effectively communicate with your clients?
  • Wish collaboration with your colleagues was easier?
  • Fail to be efficient, productive and organized?


You can work from anywhere, securely

With CloudLex, you can work remotely and access your cases and data (e.g. car accident forms or insurance company information) at any time, on any internet-enabled device. This allows you to stay agile and ready to meet the needs of your clients, personal injury lawyers, and staff alike. And with our top-tier Microsoft Azure servers, your data is stored on multiple servers worldwide, subject to continuous cybersecurity monitoring. This means that you don’t have to worry about losing your documents to the elements or something more nefarious.

We help keep you efficient

CloudLex can help you modernize your personal injury law firm by allowing you to manage all your firm’s case-specific tasks (e.g. intake, document management, administrative tasks, case updates, client communication) in one comprehensive platform. Therefore, you can take on more personal injury cases without taking on more personal injury attorneys.

You have seamless collaboration

We promote teamwork through matter-specific communication tools and integration with important apps. Easily sharing information and records should be a top priority of any law firm. With CloudLex, you can not only do this but also assign and monitor tasks, easily share information and records, and co-author documents in real-time.

We are paperless and cost-effective

The cloud eliminates the need for physical storage. Instead, you can find all your documents (including closed files) quickly and easily, saving lots of time, energy, and law office space. Additionally, CloudLex doesn’t require a large investment in servers, space, accident lawyer training, software licensing and upgrades, etc. All you need is a laptop and the internet.

Technology is evolving at a fast pace, are you? Let us help you stay at the forefront so that your legal practice can outpace your competitors and continue to build, manage, and grow. Modernize your personal injury law firm today by signing up for a free demo of CloudLex’s practice management software today.

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