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What Clients Want and How Your Case Management System Can Help Serve Them

How Your Case Management System Can Help Serve

The most important presentations you have as a personal injury attorney aren’t in front of a judge—they’re in front of prospective plaintiffs. After all, if you don’t secure clients, there won’t be any courtroom action in the first place (…and the only complaint you’ll be writing is about your lack of revenue).

Clients are the fuel that keeps your PI firm going, but winning them over shouldn’t be rocket science. Clients entrust you with personal causes of action that impact the rest of their lives, so they tend to gravitate towards lawyers that display the same traits as their friends, spouses, and family.

Below we detail 4 qualities that will help you lure new clients and how the case management system you choose can help you retain them.

1. Clients want an attorney that’s on top of their game

Clients want someone they can count on to win…and knowledge and experience are the two biggest signifiers of that. But being smart isn’t enough; clients desire someone with a solid grasp on the intricacies of their case. By narrowing your focus to just a few practice areas, you can become an expert in no time.

Your case management software should be designed specifically for your practice area. CloudLex is a robust, platform designed exclusively for plaintiff PI law firms—our innovative apps can help you position yourself as a leader in the PI field and our paperless format lets you search through your firm’s entire document history with ease…so you can effortlessly lean on your past experience when dealing with new clients.

2. Clients want an attorney that speaks to them

The key to any relationship is communication—and the attorney-client dynamic is no different. While clients want you to be well spoken in the courtroom, they need to understand what you’re saying outside of it.

Limiting legalese (in person and in promo materials) helps you sound less like a legal robot and more like a human…but none of that matters if they can’t reach you in the first place.

CloudLex’s communication tools helps you keep everyone in the loop—letting you and your clients share vital case information in a centralized and secure portal that can be accessed at both parties’ convenience.

3. Clients want to feel protected

This should be a no-brainer. Clients are entrusting you with their most sensitive information, so it’s only right that you make them feel safe. They want to know that not only do you have their best interests at heart but also that you’re able to guard their most confidential info.

CloudLex has top-notch cybersecurity precautions built in (e.g. application-level security, automatic backups, secure servers hosted by Microsoft) so it’s the safest option for your client’s data…allowing you to remain vigilant, even when you forget to remain vigilant.

4. Clients want an attorney that’s got it together

Well that’s what they will tell you. But what they really want is a firm that is on top of their case…someone that will make them feel like a person, not a matter number.

CloudLex’s legal client portal software allows you to successfully manage your cases and clients’ needs through a bevy of organizational features—e.g. note taking, document management, calendaring, case updates—so you’ll always have access to actionable info instantly. Any authorized employee can easily access pertinent client data from anywhere and on any device—leading to quick and informed interactions for your clients no matter who they deal with.

And being informed shouldn’t stop once a verdict or settlement is reached. In addition to soliciting feedback from your clients, you should be continually monitoring rating sites like Avvo and Yelp—so you can find out where your firm is lacking and what you need to do to improve. But don’t just be reactive, control the narrative when possible—flaunt your achievements on your firm’s site, highlight your experience in consultations, and market your strengths at networking events.

And if you want to take the ultimate step in proactivity, head on over to our website where you can learn about the rest of our attractive qualities and sign up for a free demo…because the easiest way to get more of your clients is by becoming one of ours first.

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