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5 New Legal Software Applications To Collaborate Seamlessly From Anywhere

Collaborate Seamlessly From Anywhere

Collaboration should make things easier for your personal injury law firm; but, in the past, you could write a book in the time it took to keep all your team members on the same page—hours wasted uploading files, drafting update emails, and racing back to the office with a thumb drive in hand…just to find out a deadline has passed, a new version of a document exists, or a recent client email has changed everything.

CloudLex’s cloud-based legal practice management software fixes that—removing barriers to collaboration so you can work with colleagues and clients alike from the convenience of anywhere. While seamless collaboration has always been CloudLex’s priority, below we detail 5 new ways we continue to help modern personal injury practices create synergy effortlessly.

Matter Manager

Matter management software promotes collaboration through a variety of matter-specific communication tools that are designed to quickly share important case info from any screen within CloudLex.

Our fully integrated email management feature lets you communicate with your colleagues in a familiar format. And if you’re looking for something more casual, our Sidebar feature works similar to a discussion board—allowing you to tag matters, add comments, and follow new posts as they happen.

Microsoft Office Online®

If you’ve ever tried to finish a brief before a deadline, you know the struggle—a barrage of updates, never-ending uploads, constant coordination, and a nagging worry that you’re not looking at the latest version.

With CloudLex’s microsoft office integration in legal software, those issues are gone; in their stead is the ability to create, upload, and edit your Office docs directly in CloudLex alongside your colleagues.

Any updates are reflected immediately, across all platforms and devices, so everyone always has the most up-to-date versions of files—leading to fewer check-ins, simplified workflows, and faster turnarounds for your clients.

CloudLex for Word

CloudLex for Word is the perfect complement to the Microsoft Office Online® app—in tandem, they make your firm a collaboration machine. CloudLex for Word shows up as a tab in Word, enabling you to work offline just as if you were in the CloudLex.

Team members can access files, make changes, create new documents, and save everything directly to CloudLex, sparing your attorneys from hours of re-drafting, re-editing, and re-uploading.

CloudLex for Outlook

Emails can be easy to send, but hard to share. Multiple users and multiple inboxes make for multiple opportunities to miss important case information. Our CloudLex for Outlook app solves that problem.

Attorneys can seamlessly transfer any emails they receive in Outlook (including attachments) right to a matter’s “Notes” tab in CloudLex—ensuring their individual emails live on alongside other vital case information in a single, centralized location that all team members can access.

Client Messenger

With CloudLex, not only can you collaborate with your colleagues, but you can also create synergy with your clients. Our Client Messenger app gives clients unlimited access to whatever they choose to share (documents, calendars events, notes, and more) through our easy-to-navigate online platform that mirrors popular social media apps and updates in real-time.

And, likewise, clients can upload their own documents to CloudLex for easy sharing with you—speeding up the progress and resolution of their matters and saving your firm from endless hours of downloading, reviewing, and uploading.

So what do you say? Let’s join forces and make collaboration a priority with this personal injury case management software.  Sign up for a free demo now and let us show you why our next-gen cloud-based legal practice management solution is the perfect teammate to help you build, manage, and grow your PI practice. But enough about us…after all, we’re not in the business of compliments, we’re in the business of complements.

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