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Why CloudLex Is the Best Way To Safeguard Your Personal Injury Law Firm’s Data

Safeguard Your Personal Injury Law Firm’s Data

You may have switched to CloudLex’s personal injury case management software to increase your personal injury law firm’s efficiency, and being at the forefront of legal technology brings with it even more bonuses—most notably top-notch security for your firm’s data.

We’ve previously detailed the importance of cybersecurity for law firms, but preventing a breach is no longer a nice perk—it’s imperative for your personal injury firm’s long-term viability.  That’s why we continue to develop state-of-the-art security measures to combat ever-evolving cyber risks.

Below we detail 4 new ways that CloudLex is helping users protect their data and their firm’s reputation.

1. Comprehensive application-level security

PI firms that use archaic systems for case management and storage are putting their data in danger.  While old data centers may be fine for macro-level security, they stand no chance if your applications have holes.  Using CloudLex’s cloud software for law firms fixes that.

OWASP, the authority on software security, has put together a list of the “Top 10 Application Security Risks”.  It includes terms like “insecure deserialization” and “cross-site scripting” and other words you don’t understand—but the good news is you don’t have to, because CloudLex addresses all 10 risks for you while adhering to OWASP’s stringent security standards.

2. Data-handling transparency

Transparency equals accountability.  We want our users to know everything that happens with their firm’s data.  Our law firm data analytics feature keeps you informed on things like which users accessed matter information, when they accessed that info, what they had for lunch (JK!), and more—allowing you to operate with knowledge, prevent potential data misuse or loss, and handle any unlikely data issues with precision and ease.

3. Role-based access controls

Building on that last point, your firm is composed of many different people in many different roles.  Just as the White House cook doesn’t need access to the nuclear codes, not everyone in your firm needs access to all of your firm’s data.

CloudLex allows you to limit access to certain information—which limits the possibility of the breach—through role-based access controls.  Using roles (not users) to define permissions ensures a consistent security posture across multiple employees and prevents individuals from slowly accumulating access beyond what’s needed to successfully perform their job duties.

4. Secure client communication

In addition to protected intra-firm communication, CloudLex enables you to share vital case information with your clients in a secure portal that can be accessed at both party’s convenience.  With Client Messenger, you can rest easy knowing that you no longer have to send privileged information to a client’s unsecured or outdated email address—instead, you can easily exchange info with clients from within CloudLex’s fortified platform.

And for those of you that haven’t already fortified your place in the PI field with CloudLex, head on over to our website—where you can learn more about our state-of-the-art security features and sign-up for a free demo…our innovative cloud platform is the best way to protect your clients’ data and your firm’s future.

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