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Transform Your PI Firm’s Efficiency With Cloud-based Legal Software

Pi Firm’s Efficiency With Cloud-based Legal Software

Working hard is good…working extra isn’t. Since the beginning of time, the most successful businesses are the most efficient ones—and the same goes for personal injury practices. Adopting cloud-based legal software, like CloudLex, can revolutionize your PI law firm—eliminating inefficiencies in old school methods and boosting your law firm’s production.

Below we detail 6 of the ways that cloud-based legal practice management software can exploit your PI law firm’s current inefficiencies so you can smoke your competition, deliver for your clients, and up your bottom line.

1. Centralize your important information

Matter info that exists solely in a paralegal’s spreadsheet or an associate’s inbox is useless; it puts your staff on different pages—leading to uninformed work product, inconsistent client updates, and hours wasted making sure everyone is up to speed.

Cloud-based law practice management software gives you the transparency your firm needs to work at optimum efficiency—it provides your staff with real-time legal case updates so they remain informed and puts all your vital info in one location (where documents are easily searchable and less likely to be lost)…so you don’t have to spend all day looking for that one record.

2. Remove barriers to collaboration

Building on the last point, documents stored locally on an attorney’s computer can be critically damaging to your firm’s synergy—forcing you to wait around to access an urgent brief or waste time duplicating previously completed work.

With CloudLex’s practice management solution, you have access to shared files from anywhere and you can rest easy knowing you’re using the latest version—saving time from hours of re-drafting, re-editing, and re-uploading!

3. Don’t miss critical deadlines

With cloud-based legal software, all matter-specific info or legal files are in one place—and that place isn’t a desk calendar inside your assistant’s locked drawer—so your entire team is up-to-date on nearing deadlines and approaching court dates.

Team members can share calendars, receive real-time updates, and build workflow templates to ensure your matters move forward at an appropriate pace and never stall.

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4. Get rid of patchwork fixes

To meet their needs, PI law firms have traditionally relied on piecemeal solutions designed to support existing technology. Over time, solutions and processes become antiquated and your firm is left to figure out how your staff can work around your tech, instead of figuring out how your tech can work for you—all at a significant time expense.

To the contrary, CloudLex is a comprehensive platform that works for you, not against you—providing you with a stable of intuitive apps (like; Matter Manager) that save you loads of wasted hours that are better spent on your clients.

5. Make your work automatic

Related to that last point, you shouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel each time you want to work on a new case (after all, the wheel took a long time to invent).

CloudLex’s workflows help dispense of your firm’s most time-consuming tasks with ease (and precision) through automation—so you can focus on making clients happy with great service and successful case results.

6. Refine your operations

Not monitoring your law firm’s resources is akin to booking a flight with 4 layovers when there’s a cheap non-stop available—you may get where you’re going, but at what cost?

With cloud-based legal personal injury case management software, like CloudLex, you can effectively manage the progress of your cases—through dashboard tools and targeted reports—so you can see where to allocate or scale-back your office’s resources and make your personal injury firm more efficient.

What are you waiting for? The most efficient thing you can do for your PI law firm is to stop reading this blog and check out all the ways CloudLex’s innovative suite of legal tech apps can help save your practice time, money, and future headaches… Why are you still reading? We’re serious…go sign up for a demo now!

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