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How Much Does Legal Files Software Cost?

How Much Does Legal Files Software Cost?

The legal industry is a document-heavy industry; even simple personal injury cases can generate thousands of documents. Also, document management for law firms doesn’t end when a case is settled. Therefore law firms end up managing documents and other records for all cases for many years.

Digital files require a digital archive system that provides security and a hassle-free way to store and access your documents when needed. Often these long-term document storage solutions need to go beyond the capabilities of general document management systems.

CloudLex’s Digital Archiver application, integrated with its Matter Manager, provides a seamless experience that could save you 75 percent over traditional physical storage. With Digital Archiver, you can store any relevant case data—including digital correspondence, task assignments, and
user data—for as long as necessary.

CloudLex Digital archival costing is per matter basis for 7 years of storage. Retrieve archived matters in a fully searchable format in a matter of minutes. When you’re done, re-archive it with the click of a button. All without leaving your office and for no additional fees.

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