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How Does Intake Management Software Increase Revenue for My Law Firm?

Intake Management Software Increase Revenue for My Law Firm

In the extremely competitive personal injury practice, almost every firm invests its hard-earned money into marketing to get new clients.

But do you know if it was client referrals or digital marketing or the outdoor hoarding or the TV ad etc that brought in new leads last month? Do you know which of your intake workers has a better conversion rate? Or retention rate? If not, you are missing an important opportunity to process your data in a meaningful way.

Analyzing intake data helps law firms determine which marketing campaigns and channels – or employees – are more successful.

This information helps you make more empowered decisions about the future of your business.

Intake management software can help you transform your intake process. No more surprises, no more missed opportunities. Every lead that comes into your firm is the result of your hard work and money spent. Don’t let that lead – or the data – go to waste.

There are many new intake management solutions on the market. Do your research to determine which is right for your law firm.

The most important aspect of organizing data, follow-ups, knowing your best performing marketing channels, etc. etc. is that now you don’t miss a lead, you’re able to take the best cases to the next stage, invest wisely in marketing channels that are performing…. All this leads to more revenue for you firm

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