How CloudLex’s Intake Workflows Work?

With CloudLex’s Intake Manager, your law office can become more efficient in handling new intakes, and improve client experience. It provides you with powerful tools and features that can run the intake process smoothly.

We have to accept the fact that everyone hates repetitive tasks. They seem as a drudgery, are error-prone, and frustrating for the team, but here is where legal workflow automation can help. You can automate these/such mundane and repetitive tasks thus improving efficiency, streamlining approvals, and reducing errors throughout the case lifecycle.

For example, every time you qualify an client intake, you need to send intake forms to the client to fill in. Intake workflows can help you assign tasks automatically to a paralegal to collect case information using intake forms. Forms can be shared through email and help you capture case information that would have been impossible using paper-based forms.

Once the case information is collected, if you want to send the fee agreement to the client to sign, a workflow can assign tasks to a paralegal automatically to send out fee agreements to clients.

It also gives you visibility into the status of workflow activities of each task across all the intakes. So using forms, you can collect data efficiently and can please the client with a faster response time.

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