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How Can a Law Firm Train Staff Remotely?

How Can a Law Firm Train Staff Remotely?

As with all forms of learning, there’s always a balance between fundamental learning and engaging experience. Here are some tips to make the training something that your employees will look forward to and retain for the future.

Set clear goals for training prog.

  • Establish clear training priorities and realistic deadlines for reaching them.
  • Create different modules based on the role of the employees e.g. administrator, manager, associates, etc. based on their training
  • Creating specific training modules will help you measure the effectiveness
  • For example, at the end of a document assembly training, you may want each individual to know how to create one or two new templates. 

Conduct remote training live

  • Based on goals and deadlines conduct a training LIVE instead of pre-recorded or self-paced videos
  • It creates a different experience and also enables them to ask questions in real-time
  • Make they have all the tools and equipment necessary to attend and practice at the training session
  • Also irrespective of the industry of your company, role of the individual, it is imperative to train employees on how to be secure while accessing firm/client information from home

Make subject matter experts available

  • Ensure training experts are available before and after the training
  • Expert conducting your training to troubleshoot any problems that may arise and minimize frustrations.
  • Answer their follow-up questions.

Training resources

  • In addition to the subject matter, experts give employees various resources they can reference as to other options. Like;
  • dedicated training manuals
  • demo users on Software applications to practice
  • books etc.

Incentivize employees to improve

  • Incentivize employees after completion of training
  • Structure Milestones in a training journey and rewards for completing each milestone

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