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The Power of Texting for Personal Injury Law Firms

The Power of Texting for Personal Injury Law Firms

Every attorney knows the importance of keeping accurate, well-organized records for every case they take (and even the cases they turn down). This is true whether it relates to clients’ confidential information, legal pleadings, or communications with your clients. Unfortunately, communicating with your clients can be one of the most challenging aspects of firm operations. Keeping accurate records of those communications can be difficult as well. Enter business texting for law firms.

Integrating text messaging capabilities into your practice and legal case management system can greatly reduce communications lag and the burden of documenting communications while increasing firm efficiency and client happiness.

Faster communication with clients using a channel of their choice – Text Messaging

Many people prefer text messaging to any other form of communication. This is especially true for people who need to deal with personal matters while at work. Texting is a quick, easy and discreet way of multitasking in such situations. Statistics show that the average response time for texting is just 90 seconds, with 95% of text read within 180 seconds of receipt. In addition, 52% of customers in the general public prefer texting over other support communication modes.

The benefits are clear: most people prefer texting, and you can expect quick responses from clients. Important issues, such as court date reminders and requests for information, can be quickly and easily sent to clients—no more playing voicemail tag. Furthermore, many business texting for law firms solutions can integrate with your legal case management system. Both advantages allow for more efficiency for both you and your clients.

Keep communication organized

It is critically important that law firms maintain accurate records of client communications. You and your team need quick and easy access to that information in order to handle the case properly. You are also required to maintain the records of those communications securely and confidentially. In situations where lawyers and their staff are using personal (or even firm-issued) mobile devices to text clients, tracking that communication and consolidating it into your case management system can be difficult and lead to inaccuracies. Furthermore, maintaining the security and confidentiality of such communications can be problematic. If mobile devices are lost, client confidentiality will be compromised, and important communications potentially lost, which could seriously impede your team’s ability to work.

Integrate business texting for law firms into your client service strategy

Law firms use a variety of tools to conduct business activities. Switching between systems and manually transferring data between systems can eat up your valuable time. Enter CloudLex, an all-in-one case management platform for personal injury law firms. Use CloudLex’s built-in client messenger application to text your clients securely and in a matter-specific manner. All text messages to and from clients are tagged to a particular matter and recorded in that matter’s file, making them easier to keep track of.  CloudLex also provides you with a dedicated number so you can keep your personal number private. 

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