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Is Your Personal Injury Practice up to Date?

Is Your Personal Injury Practice up to Date?

Do you use old technology in your personal life? For example, is your cell phone or computer more than five years old or even more than 3 years old? The answer is almost certainly “no. Why? Because the technology that old is obsolete. Unfortunately, despite keeping up with technology on the personal side, many personal injury law practices are still using outdated systems.

Your personal injury practice needs modernizing if you can answer ‘Yes’ to any of the following:

  • Do you find yourself tripping over bankers boxes every time you move around your office?
  • Can you only work from your office?
  • Does “remote work” involve using third-party software to create a connection between your computer at home and your physical desktop at the office?
  • Do you struggle with keeping your entire team up-to-date on the current status of all cases?
  • Does your staff waste countless hours going back and forth to verify who’s done what and when?
  • Do you spend time searching through physical boxes for a crucial document?
  • Is your IT structure and systems a major expense? Do you pay a local IT company to handle security, monitoring, etc.?

How to modernize your personal injury law practice?

Many personal injury law firms use outdated systems because they don’t have the time to research new options. Lawyers and staff are also afraid that implementing new systems will cause major disruptions – with teams coming in to check servers and computers for compatibility, upgrade hardware, install software and conduct endless training on complicated systems. Then there’s the fear of incomplete data migrations. That’s what used to happen and still happens with legacy systems. Fortunately, there’s a better way.

Modern personal injury law practices, whether established firms or startups building a personal injury law practice are taking advantage of advances in technology to get secure, state-of-the-art systems tailored to the personal injury realm. Highly savvy firms are going online with CloudLex®️, the next-gen LegalCloud®️, and forerunner in cloud-based legal practice management software.

CloudLex, unlike other generic or one-size-fits-all law practice management software, focuses exclusively on the personal injury space. Our system is comprised of a comprehensive suite of innovative apps designed to cover all personal injury practice areas. It also covers all stages of a personal injury case, from client intake to storage of closed files and everything in between! Even better, our unique intake application approach allows you to separate potential clients/matters from existing clients/matters and transfer accepted clients/matters into the main matter management software with the click of a button. No more confusion among the team, especially for clients with multiple matters!

You can also integrate numerous third-party legal tech apps into CloudLex, such as Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft 365 – allowing you to communicate with everyone involved in a matter while automatically attaching email chains to the matter. No more searching in multiple systems for communications, attachments, etc. No more manually moving emails over to your case management system. You’ll eliminate numerous hours of unnecessary administrative work every week, allowing you to focus more on clients and case strategy.

And then there’s the cherry on top, just when you thought it couldn’t get any better! Your personal injury practice can accomplish all of this without significant capital expenditure, replacement of existing physical infrastructure, extensive staff training, or expensive IT teams because CloudLex’s personal injury case management software is super simple to use! You also don’t have to worry about incomplete data migrations from legacy systems, as CloudLex’s specialist system migration team will make sure everything note, document, date, and more make it from the old system to your CloudLex system.

But wait, there’s even more to building a personal injury practice

Security is always a concern for law firms, especially given hackers’ increased targeting of law firms. Your personal injury law practice stores a wealth of information that hackers would love to get. Many firms, even the largest among them, think that the solution is doing everything in-house. Those are the firms with a higher probability of getting hacked.

With CloudLex, your firm gets secure legal software with state-of-the-art security, around-the-clock monitoring, and proactive security testing, all with no additional costs. Why? Because CloudLex operates on Microsoft Azure backed servers. These servers are maintained in high-security facilities owned by Microsoft. Systems are monitored and repeatedly tested by a veritable army of security and cyber security experts – the same ones providing server security to government agencies, banks, and Fortune 500 companies.  You couldn’t be in better hands if you tried.

Finally, easily access your matters and work from anywhere.

Storing your matters on CloudLex will enable you to;

  • Easily search through your documents with the ease of a Google search
  • Assign your team tasks
  • Collaborate seamlessly
  • Keep up to date with what’s happening in all open cases
  • Maintain calendars and important deadlines
  • and so much more

All from anywhere in the world. No more downtime while waiting for your case to be called at court. No more manually inputting handwritten notes from meetings, on-site visits, trials, etc. Have a cold but don’t want to infect everyone in the office? Afraid of missing critical information while away from the office, whatever the reason? No worries. Absolutely everything you need is accessible from anywhere you are or need to be. 24/7/365.

Building a personal injury practice was never so easy. CloudLex covers all personal injury practice areas, so what are you waiting for?

Reduce your archaic, expensive practices to a single subscription with CloudLex- the next-gen LegalCloud®️.

Book your free demo today and see for yourself how we can help revolutionize the way your personal injury practice runs by using the latest in legal technology.

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