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10 Legal Software Applications PI Attorneys Should Get Right Now

Legal Software Applications

Long gone are the days when you left the office, and so did your responsibilities. In today’s landscape, your phone and laptop are your offices.

Mobile technology has reshaped clients’ lives and their expectations for service. Basically, the prevailing attitude is, “my paper towels can show up without asking, so why shouldn’t my lawyer?” In other words, for a modern law firm, the plaintiff and defense never rest.

While, to some, this could seem like a dystopian nightmare, in actuality, our ever-increasing connectedness should save you time so you can do things like taking on more clients, hanging with your kids, and forgetting to put on pants. At the forefront of this mobile revolution are apps. So without further adieu, here are ten legal tech apps that can make you a PI legal rock star without ever having to leave your chaise (…and no, Facebook or Tinder is not on the list).


Zapier is like the person at the school dance that tries to get the party started. It takes a bunch of apps you already use on a daily basis and integrates them so you can create automated tasks.For example, if you want an SMS text sent every time you make a change to your calendar or get an email from that pesky client, Zapier’s your best friend; it’s basically the cruise control of apps. FYI, CloudLex has a workflow feature that allows you to automate tasks that are repetitive in nature…and the best part is, that you don’t need an engineering degree to use it, just an idea of what you want to do over and over and over again.

Google Drive

Google Drive may have wide-ranging applications, but it is also one of the best apps for personal injury attorneys. That’s because it has direct integration with Google Docs; and Google docs for attorneys allows you to edit a document right from your browser without the need to open other apps. Basically, it’s the Beyoncé of legal software applications…Independent. So while you’re in Duluth for a deposition, your associate in Boise can send you edits on that brief…as long as one of you can connect to the spotty motel Wi-Fi. And the best part is that CloudLex provides integration with Google Drive, so you can upload your docs right into our system, and they’ll automatically sync in Drive, making document management a much more efficient process.


Whether you’re living in the cloud or living in the clouds, you’ve probably heard of Dropbox. But Dropbox’s ubiquity doesn’t make it any less essential of a legal app. For those who still don’t know, Dropbox is a cloud-based data storage service that allows you to access your firm’s important stuff anytime you need it. It’s like having a 7/11 in your phone (minus the ice cream selection). And lucky for you, CloudLex already provides integration with Dropbox, so you know what that means…upload your docs right into CloudLex and, BOOM, they’ll magically appear in your Dropbox.

iCal + Google Calendar

At some point in your life, you have used one of these apps…whether it was for remembering your anniversary or that flight to Maui after a long trial. They’re like having a personal calendar trainer with you 24/7; they keep you in check. Of course, nowhere is it more important to meet deadlines than in the litigation world. A missed deadline can turn a surefire winner into a one-way ticket to Loserville. That’s why iCal and Google Calendar are not only two of the best legal software applications out there; they’re essential. And if you haven’t guessed it by now, CloudLex provides integration with Google Calendar…so you can change an event in one system, and it will automatically update in the other, easy peasy.


MailChimp rose to prominence with its fortuitous ad placement on the podcast hit Serial, but it’s much more than a funny name—it’s an essential app for personal injury attorneys…a way for clients to remember your name.

MailChimp helps small firms send automated and targeted email campaigns in bulk. After all, it’s easier and more professional than flying a plane over a stadium or yelling at a street fair.


Intraoffice communication has always been essential, but meeting your paralegal by the water cooler after lunch isn’t the most efficient. Enter Slack. Slack keeps all your office communication (messages, files, notifications) in one place and archives them for easy searching…so everyone that needs to know knows immediately. It’s easy and saves a lot of time…. and water. Not to be outdone, CloudLex’s communication app is tailored to personal injury lawyers, allowing you to tag emails, notes, events, and more to specific matters.

Docket Law

Docket Law is as straightforward as its name. It allows you to create events and deadlines for your matters based on the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. It’s a helpful legal app, albeit a bit barebones. CloudLex’s calendaring app, on the other hand, allows you to seamlessly manage your calendar firm-wide. It’s color-coded, user-friendly, and easily integrated with other popular calendar apps, like Google Calendar. It’s so easy, even the simpletons on other side can use it…but we won’t tell them, if you don’t.


Evernote is like if someone emptied the contents of your briefcase and put it on all your devices, so you had more room for Greek yogurt. With Evernote you can take notes, scan business cards, snap pictures, draw accident scenes…the list goes on ForEVER. But, perhaps, most important for case management purposes, it allows you to create a shareable database of trial materials that is organized in chronological order.

Basically, Evernote is like the Walmart of personal injury case management software, it offers a little bit of everything…just stay away from the food court.


We’ve all told a story that we thought would kill, but ended up getting a lukewarm response…“You had to be there!”, you exclaimed. Well, it’s that type of embarrassment BEEDOCS hopes to curtail, because it helps you to present your story as a 3D timeline (complete with photos, videos, animations, and more). For personal injury cases, it helps clarify connections and present boring material in a fresh way, both to clients and the jury alike…which should help you win, unless you think your chances of winning are better with the jury asleep. If you’re not asleep and want to learn how CloudLex can replace many of the legal apps you rely on daily while improving the function of those you can’t live without, sign up for a free demo now. It’s made specifically for plaintiff PI attorneys and it’s easier than typing your password over and over in the app store.

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