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Digital Marketing Series: Social Media Marketing for Personal Injury Law Firms

Social Media Marketing for Personal Injury Law Firms

People use social media for everything nowadays, including finding their lawyer. It is a very important method of digital marketing and something that you need to embrace for the good of your firm. It’s a great way for you to gain prospective clients and grow your website traffic without spending thousands of dollars. Read on to discover how your firm can use social media marketing for law firms to increase engagement and brand awareness.


Create lots of relevant content

High-end content is the key to social media marketing for law firms. The first step to strong social success is to determine your target audience (e.g., potential clients) and then figure out what they want to hear. Think: if you were seeking representation, what would you want to know? You need to keep this at the forefront of all content decisions. And second, not all social media platforms are alike. You’ll need to tailor the content to each social network. Below, we’ve outlined social media for law firm ideas to help you get started:

o   Share your personal injury firm’s victories, community efforts, and proudest moments

o   Provide client testimonials

o   Inform victims of what to do in the event of an accident

o   Share injury, accident, and claim statistics

o   Give advice on the legal industry.

Schedule your content

A common grievance with having a social media presence is that it takes too much time and attention. However, you can plan your social media content in advance using a content calendar, then schedule up these posts and you can (almost!) forget about it for a while. This doesn’t mean you should stop being spontaneous though, the scheduled content will have you covered but you should still upload in-the-moment posts if a time-sensitive content idea arises e.g. you and your team just won a big case, there’s a change in the law in your state. 

Encourage engagement

Now that you have an effective social media strategy included in your marketing plan you need to push your social media content further. Content marketing for lawyers is a two-way street, and unlike other marketing avenues, it is a space where you want to encourage direct engagement between the public and your firm. Do this by asking questions frequently in your posts on every social media channel to encourage your viewers to participate in the conversation. You can also seek out online conversations on specific practice areas and jump in with your legal expertise. Make sure that you are actively responding to questions, compliments, and complaints on your pages to show your followers that you are present and listening.

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