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Dominate Local Searches: Personal Injury Law Firm SEO Secrets

Local SEO for Personal Injury Law Firms

A 2019 study by Martindale-Avvo shows that up to 46.5% of potential customers conduct a Google search when deciding which law firm to hire. Even though people still value referrals from friends, family, and other attorneys, this research also shows that people seeking legal advice are increasingly turning to the internet for information while demanding more services locally. Google has revealed that local searches are becoming more important, as consumers search for services “near me” at a higher rate than other phrases. 

What is local SEO for law firms? 

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization,” which is the process of creating and maintaining an online presence that helps your website rank higher in search engines. Local SEO for attorneys is similar, but it comprises digital marketing strategies that are tailored to Google search users in a particular geographic location. 

What does law firm local SEO do to manage your business listing? 

Proximity is the most essential element in law firm local SEO rankings. It is critical that your name, location, phone number, and web address  are posted consistently across the web. If you’ve relocated or updated your website address, you may want to alter your contact page and landing pages. 

Google also utilizes additional data such as Google Company Profile, Google Maps, Apple Maps, Yelp, Yellow Pages, and other local and national business listings to determine proximity. Your business details must be accurate so users find reliable information on the various platforms. 

Law firm SEO starts with creating a Google Business Profile 

Creating a Google My Business Profile is an excellent way to keep your law firm SEO visible.  

To create one, follow these steps: 

  • Go to to claim your law firm.  
  • Find the option to add your business to Google on the landing page.  
  • Click this and fill out the form.  
  • Add your name, address, phone number, and website by following the prompts.  
  • You may want to choose to appear on Google Maps when users open their Google Maps app to search. 

Create an engaging company profile that emphasizes your area(s) of expertise. Post professional, or high-quality images of your office in this section. People seeking legal advice are usually stressed, and showcasing a peaceful yet professional environment helps land potential clients. 

Once setup, your business, company address, phone number, and website will display in relevant search results enhancing your local SEO power.  

Create and Optimize Google Business Profile

Ask for Reviews 

Reviews are a crucial SEO strategy for establishing a reputation in local SEO for attorneys. Asking for a review from a satisfied client is one of the simplest methods to promote your services.  

You can also request that your clients post a review on your website or on Google as part of the closing process. 

Ask for Reviews

Social Media boosts local SEO for attorneys 

Facebook is still the top social media site for lawyer local SEO.  If you’re a small legal practice with a basic website, Facebook gives consumers a way to contact you and communicate with your firm. 

In the Facebook “about” area, you can provide information about your company: establish your presence in the local vicinity and update this page with your name, address, and phone number. You may also add services and other keywords to your Facebook page to drive more relevant local searches. 

Use your company page to publicize relevant local events . If your law practice is hosting a large community event, promote it across all of your social media platforms and use the location tag to drive people to it. 

Social Media boosts local SEO for attorneys

Law firm Local SEO for multiple locations 

Your company might provide services in various locations or states, making local SEO more difficult to handle as you have many locations. 

To address this, try:    

  • Creating multiple landing pages for each area and include local search queries in each paragraph. 
  • Separating distinct pages for different areas if you’re developing location-based content. 
  • Implementing company-wide branding guidelines to build various social media profiles for different locations in each city or each state. 

People in local offices can then handle each of your social media profiles and customize them to the most pressing concerns in their region. 

Manage Business Profile on Third Party Websites_

How to optimize your law firm website for local SEO? 

According to the ABA’s 2020 poll, only 59% of solo firms have a website. If your firm is among this remaining 41%, now is the time to create a website, and you will definitely want to include local SEO.  

If your company already has a website, you should be familiar with SEO vocabulary. Ensure that your pages include relevant keywords and phrases in various portions of your website. It’s important to regularly develop content to stay relevant in Google searches, so users see your firm’s result first. 

To check law firm website ranking in Google searches for personal injury attorneys in different cities in your location, type “lawyer” into the search box while in the office. If you have offices in other cities, have them perform a mobile search from their location to see how you rank. 

To learn more about how to market your firm, be sure to check out CloudLex’s blog articles for legal services.  

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