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Digital Marketing Series: Social Media for Personal Injury Law Firms

Social Media for Personal Injury Law Firms

Over the last few years, digital marketing has become an integral part of running a successful personal injury law firm. What is digital marketing, you ask? Google it…just kidding. Digital marketing is basically any marketing you do over the internet (including mobile devices and apps), e.g., this blog post is digital marketing…how meta! See? It’s everywhere! That’s why, over the next few weeks, we’ll introduce you to the different components of digital marketing for personal injury firms and help you navigate them—so you can gain prospective clients, increase website traffic, lap the competition, and more. Let’s start with social media for personal injury law firms.

Unlike more nebulous ways of marketing on digital platforms (e.g., SEO), you don’t need us to explain how to use social media—after all, you’ve probably received a notification or three from Facebook since you began reading this blog. Instead, we’re here to help you use social media more effectively, because, as you can attest by viewing some of your distant relatives’ feeds, there’s significant room for error.

Here are a few ways that your personal injury firm can use social media to stand out and find new clients, just as easily as you can find cat videos on Instagram (and in the spirit of Twitter, we’ll try our best to keep our tips under 280 characters):

Create content…and lots of it

Content is the key to social media success. Without content, there’d be nothing to post. While that may sound daunting, the good news is that everything is content (tweets, photos, videos, blogs, podcasts, your high school friend’s “interesting” views on politics). The question becomes, how do you stand out among the clutter?

  • Share your firm’s victories, awards, community efforts, and proudest moments to instill confidence in prospects and introduce your firm’s culture
  • Provide client testimonials and harness the power of word of mouth
  • Put together checklists or guides that tell victims what to do in the event of an accident
  • Give tours of your office or profiles on your staff to get them acquainted with your firm and display your personality
  • Become a go-to source of information by sharing injury, accident, and claim statistics
  • Show off your expertise by giving intro advice on various PI topics

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