We’ve Got Your Number: How To Improve Your Law Firms’ Contact Management

How many numbers in your cell can you recall on memory alone? It’s probably a lot less than you could ten years ago. That’s because you don’t need to—after all, that’s the reason you own a “smart” phone. And while being able to easily recall your cousin’s friend’s sister’s Twitter handle is nice, it’s a lot more important that you can summon your clients’ contact info on a moment’s notice (and opposing counsels’…and insurance adjusters’…and court officials’…and medical experts’…and, well, you get it)—the sheer amount of info you need at your fingertips at all times is monumental and ever changing.  That’s why—in order to provide good customer service, advocate on the fly, and avoid costly mistakes—your law firm must have a comprehensive and intuitive contact management system in place.

But don’t worry; you don’t need to look in your Rolodex to find someone that can help you improve your contact management software for lawyers, because we’re your hookup. Here are 3 ways you can shore up your contact management, so the only number you have to remember is #1.

Set Up Consistent Contact Management Practices:

Asking the right questions is good; but asking the same questions is better. Even in the tiniest of law practices, it’s normal for different people to capture contact info. In order to make sure you get all the info you need on a consistent basis, you should establish a contact management protocol (“this is contact info we require”, “these are the questions you should ask”, etc.) And just as important is how you enter that contact info—sticky notes around your computer or antiquated case management software might work for you, but they don’t work for everyone; your contact management tech should allow you to automate the process for your law firm, while giving you the flexibility to customize on the fly.

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Make Accessing Your Contacts Less Sticky:

Knowing where on your desk the Post-it with your expert witness’s number is located is great for you, but not so great for your paralegal.  Stop sending your team on a safari every time they need contact info by using a cloud-based legal platform, like CloudLex. CloudLex puts all your contacts in a single location (tagged to your cases) that you can access from wherever—so instead of wasting your time hunting for email addresses, you can use your time hunting for solutions for clients.

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Recognize Your Contacts Don’t Exist in a Vacuum:

Your contacts, like your cases, aren’t static. As your law firm’s matters progress, so should your contact info—to reflect things like past interactions and case updates. With CloudLex, you can seamlessly add to your contact info throughout the litigation process and it’ll update in real time for your entire team, alongside the rest of your matter data—that way your staff gets a birds-eye view of your matters and is guaranteed to have fully-informed interactions from intake through closure.

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If you want a fully-informed interaction with CloudLex, check out our website, where you can learn more about our contact management software for law firms and the rest of our next-gen cloud-based legal platform. Then sign up for a free demo so you can start improving your personal injury firm’s efficiency…you don’t have to remember our contact info, just click on this link.