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How To Promote Your Law Firm’s Podcast? – Part 2

Promote Your Law Firm’s Podcast

Podcasting has grown tenfold in the past few years. According to the infinite dial 2020 report, 37% of Americans listened to a podcast last month. We have shared some of the encouraging stats related to the podcast in the last blog of this 2-part series. There is no doubt that the art of podcast has come a long way; if you as a lawyer believe in storytelling excellence and audience growth potential, then the podcasting medium could be a right fit for you to market your law firm business and its services.

If you have gone through our first part and are feeling confident about starting your own legal podcast, you probably want to learn how to promote your law firm’s podcast and take it to the audience. Without further ado, let’s get right into it.

Create multiple episodes to hook the audience

You might know that Netflix usually launches its web series with the entire season at once.. So we recommend that you use the same strategy and release at least 3-4 episodes on the launch day; bingeable content is the new norm.

Launching with several episodes gets your target audience hooked and assures them that your podcast is here to stay not a one time experiment. You can also put a preview of the next episode at the end of each episode. This will help you get returning listeners for multiple episodes in a row.

Syndicate your podcast

It is likely that the audience you are targeting has its own sets of groups, communities, social media groups, and websites. Such websites, media, and publishers are looking for content to serve their audience to reinforce their own value.

If you have great content value to your target market, and you don’t emphasize selling your services but want to keep your audience informed and educated about the legal services. Then these publishers and groups would happily partner with you to serve your podcast to their audience.

Look for those opportunities. Reach out to publications, and they might be interested in syndicating an episode or two.

Use internal marketing

No matter how small a law firm is, employees don’t usually know what marketing initiatives are happening around them.

Promote new episodes within your office via email, and in the meeting, tagging people who should know or can help you promote using their social media profiles, you never know which staff member may be a pro legal marketer!

Ask for reviews

Getting a podcast review is nice. Reviews create social proof, and potential new listeners might decide whether to listen or skip based on what others are saying about your podcast. Also, if you decide to promote your podcast on Apple podcast or Google podcasts, then reviews will help new listeners discover your podcast.

Promote podcast using your website

In addition to Apple and Google podcasts, you should create a web-page and upload your podcast series onto your law firm’s website. Include the notes as to what the podcast is about for each episode; it will make it easy for your audience to Google search and listen to each episode right from your website. You will want to have a strong design and make it search engine optimized. That will ensure more and more people find your content online.

Podcasts are becoming a part of the marketing strategy for many law firms, and promoting it as important as creating it. Use these five strategies above to get the most out of your efforts and time.

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