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How to Purchase a Legal Software

How to Purchase a Legal Software

There are many options when it comes to choosing legal software for your law firm. It can often feel overwhelming, especially when you aren’t sure which metrics are the most important & which software will help you grow your firm.

A law firm, similarly, is only as good as its legal software. It affects everything you do in your firm. From the speed at which your intake team can onboard a new client to the efficiency your paralegals and lawyers can achieve whilst building a case to your ability to oversee your firm and analyze which marketing efforts are working for you. 

Put bluntly, it’s incredibly important, and when choosing which legal software is right for you, you need to get it right.

That’s where we come in. In this E-book, we explore the different legal case management software options for PI firms; we will point out the essential metrics to use when comparing software and give you the critical questions you need to be asking. What’s in the Ebook:

What is cloud-based legal software

Gain an in-depth understanding of cloud-based legal software and how they are different from self-hosted legal software.

How to identify the Real Cloud

As with all industries, there are inferior versions of cloud-based software. Including some that aren’t even genuinely cloud-based. It’s essential that you do your research to choose a cloud-based solution that will really give you all the benefits of the real cloud. And the questions you should be asking your vendor to reveal if they are using the real thing or an inferior imposter.

How to determine the expertise of the legal software vendor

Would you refer a “med-mal” case to your “immigration attorney” colleague? The answer, of course, is an emphatic “No”. If you really want cutting-edge legal cloud software, then go to expert software engineers who truly know both the personal injury space and cloud technology. We have curated the list of questions that you should be asking your cloud vendor to determine their expertise. 

CloudLex’s Legal Software

CloudLex is a true cloud-based system built by expert software engineers, with PI lawyers present for every step to ensure it operates exactly as you need. Find out how CloudLex’s applications set the all-in-one personal injury platform apart from others and how it helps your personal injury firm to build, manage and grow your practice. 

Whether you’re new to legal case management software or looking to take your case management efforts to the next level, this comprehensive, resource-packed guide will help you get the most out of legal software for your practice.

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