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Seamless information management

The better you know your clients, the better you can defend them. Every interaction they have with your law firm needs to be identified, documented, and recorded. These documents can be difficult to keep organized if you’re incredibly busy working on cases. Legal matter management software provides you with ‘pre-defined templates’ to ensure that you can accurately document all your matter data in one location and make this data available to everyone on your team.

Improve your client service

Customers are the most important aspect of any successful law firm. With legal matter management software, you can create a thorough intake process for new clients – this will allow you to gather all necessary information at once – even via a web form if they can’t visit your office, all additional documents are stored in their intake file too so no chasing additional documents later!

This information will then be seamlessly transferred to your matter management system once you take the case and your legal team can get straight to work. With integrated communication methods (email, text, efax) your team can send regular updates to the client without ever leaving the case management system. Your clients come to you during a stressful time, keeping in regular contact helps to put them at ease and will help you stand out as a professional, superior law firm.

Automate everyday tasks

There are hundreds of small tasks that need to be completed for any firm to run smoothly, and whilst time-consuming they are vital aspects of any case. With matter management software, you will be able to automate these repetitive tasks. This means that you and your team will be able to focus on casework while automated case management modules take care of the repetitive admin tasks.

Achieve greater efficiency and collaboration

Legal matter management software allows you to automatically store all your communication (e.g. emails, legal documents, phone call details, texts etc.) in one easily accessible location. With everyone on your team now able to access the same information, you can create, edit, and co-author documents at once.

This increases the productivity of your law firm and means that your team can work seamlessly together to improve the bottom line. And the latest benefit for law firms already using legal matter management software? They were able to seamlessly transition to work-from-home when needed during the pandemic.

Insightful analytical data and reporting

Legal matter management software enables you to easily personalize your dashboard views so that you can quickly locate the information you need (e.g. usage information, KPIs, performance reports). With this, you can then make actionable and data-driven decisions that will help you get happier customers and higher profits.

Get more cases/revenue

Getting new cases is never easy; it often requires marketing expertise and can cost lots of money. It is often thought that this is the best way to expand your practice area and get more clients. However, that’s not always the case. Proper case management software should help you give referrals, get referrals, and expand your business with partner firms. This will, then, help you strengthen your law firm’s position as a personal injury practice.

Boost your law firm’s profits

Traditional case management software can cost quite a lot, requiring significant investments in both equipment and human resources. However, there is no set-up cost for a cloud-based matter management system, and it doesn’t need large outlays on imposing data servers or software licenses. Routine expenses (e.g. equipment maintenance, IT infrastructure, the overhead cost of hiring IT personnel) practically disappear as well.

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