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Essentials for Personal Injury Attorneys to Effectively Work Remotely 

Essentials for Personal Injury Attorneys to Effectively Work Remotely 

The American Bar Association’s 2022 Practice Forward Report addressed how and where attorneys want to work by surveying approximately 2000 ABA members working in a job requiring a law degree. The results? Eighty-seven percent of the respondents indicated that their employer currently allowed lawyers to work remotely. Additionally, 44% of respondent attorneys who practiced law for ten years or less indicated they would leave their current place of employment for an opportunity that provides greater ability to work remotely. 

With so many attorneys expressing a preference for remote work, it is the perfect time to learn about essential tools for attorneys and legal professionals in a remote-working environment. CloudLex supports personal injury attorneys and provides next-level tools to work remotely and securely in today’s modern world. 

Use a cloud-based case management software 

If you or your staff work remotely, your firm should have a cloud-based case management software provider. In-house and on-site case management software are not as secure or accessible as a cloud-based option, creating unnecessary productivity bottlenecks for your remote team members. 

For personal injury attorneys, programs like CloudLex check all the boxes. The program allows you and your staff to log in to the program from anywhere worldwide, as long as you have a reliable internet connection. Further, they are backed by Microsoft Azure, the gold standard for cloud-based security and digital storage. 

Provide e-signature capabilities 

Whether your team is on-site or remote, providing e-signature capabilities is essential to stay relevant and ensure clients do not slip through the cracks during the intake process. Many clients expect attorneys to provide e-signature options rather than requiring them to take time off work to go to your office or to wait around for something to arrive in the mail. Instead, e-signature capabilities ensure they can sign the document when they are ready, willing, and able to do so, without requiring them to drive anywhere or mail something back to you. 

CloudLex integrates with Adobe Sign and DocuSign for law firms, the most popular and secure e-signature providers on the market today. You can also send materials to and receive documents from your clients electronically, allowing them to sign and return documents without leaving their homes. 

Legal professionals working remotely can maximize their time and resources by utilizing a secure law firm client communication software. Gone are the days when attorneys must (or should) mail paper copies of every document your firm receives. Instead, you can electronically share the case materials with your client by clicking a button and, if you prefer, adding a note for context. 

Providers like CloudLex allow you to send and receive messages from within a secure client portal which you can access in the client’s electronic case file. Rather than having to log in to multiple accounts (and remember all those passwords), you can use a single program to accomplish it all. Further, clients can view bills and make payments within the portal as well.  

CloudLex also integrates with many programs that attorneys frequently use, limiting the chance that items get lost or misplaced during the lifecycle of the case.  

Develop a streamlined client intake process 

Another essential tool for remote legal professionals is developing a streamlined intake process. You can automate most steps in the client intake procedure to decrease the time it takes to move the client from one stage to another (thus increasing your retention rate) and limit the potential for data entry errors. Streamlining your intake process should be simple if you have a modern client intake management software

Software like CloudLex empowers you to automate the intake process to limit the time your team spends inputting data and maximize the time you spend engaging with the client. Further, CloudLex has a robust Intake Management tool that can automatically transfer your client’s information to a new matter file when they hire you. 

Invest in your firm’s cybersecurity 

Finally, you should invest in your firm’s cybersecurity to safeguard client data, especially if your team works remotely. A HIPAA-compliant legal cloud storage program and multifactor authentication are two ways to increase your cybersecurity. CloudLex also allows you to utilize role-based access controls to ensure that no one has more access than they require, limiting the potential impact of security breaches in the unfortunate event that they occur. 

CloudLex: The Personal Injury case management provider you need 

CloudLex provides robust personal injury case management software for attorneys looking to elevate their brick-and-mortar office or create a connected remote team. From our iOS and Android case management app to our virtual event creator, we understand the needs of teleworking PI attorneys and staff.  

To find out how else we can help you set up a remote environment for your PI firm, contact our dedicated team today

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