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5 Ways CloudLex Can Help Personal Injury Law Firms Work Remotely During the ‘New Normal’

Ways CloudLex Can Help Personal Injury Law Firms Work Remotely During the ‘New Normal’

Maintaining the business continuity in a personal injury law firm means adapting to change depending on how and where you manage your practice. Remote working, operations planning, reconfiguring your work-from-home office, continuing to process cases, and fighting for justice for your clients should be part of the plan as you navigate through this pandemic and the new normal.

During this crisis, we are all- including clients, employees, and vendors- adjusting to the new normal. Learning to be flexible in a remote working environment is fast becoming a necessary skill for any business worldwide as they embrace a hybrid onsite/remote working approach.

The question is, how can lawyers work from the comfort of their homes, still make sure staff complete their assigned work, and ensure that the practice is running efficiently in the new normal?

CloudLex® can help. How?

We have outlined 5 ways CloudLex’s technology can help you steer through this pandemic whilst continuing to process and settle cases for your clients.

Manage intake from anywhere

Now that we have to adopt social distancing, paper-based intake is out of the question. Here technology like CloudLex is helping firms to manage their client intake process more effectively.

CloudLex’s personal injury intake management software allows you to share intake forms, organize and access client information all in one place. No more searching for a prospective client’s phone number. From critical case facts to statute dates, don’t let valuable information slip through the cracks.

Our Intake Manager will ensure all your leads are being properly recorded and saved. Best of all, this information will now be available remotely, anytime, and on any device.  This in-built organization means your whole team is on the same page, regardless of who spoke to the client first.

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Manage cases from anywhere

CloudLex’s matter management software promotes collaboration through various matter-specific communication tools designed to share important information without ever leaving the app.

Use our fully integrated email feature to communicate with your colleagues in a familiar format. And if you’re looking for something more casual, our Sidebar feature works similar to a discussion board, allowing you to add comments and follow along with new posts as they update in real-time.

CloudLex provides you with legal tech apps so you can keep your matter-specific info like documents, medical records, expenses, etc. organized and in one place. With our very own calendar feature, you can manage critical case dates and easily integrate them with your other calendar apps.

CloudLex allows you to view all cases in a specific stage with just the click of a button, such as “Investigation” or “Discovery”, as well as individual sub-phases. Tracking the progress of your personal injury cases has never been easier.

As an added benefit, these handy timelines (along with our other case management features) will enable you to significantly decrease the case processing time and enhance your firm’s case management capabilities.

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Create, upload, and edit documents from anywhere

Law firms were forced to work remotely, and that transition hasn’t been easy, especially with law firms depending on physical papers and being unable to remotely access the closed personal injury case files stored in Bankers Boxes. With the right tool, however, this problem can be easily resolved.

If you’ve ever tried to finish a brief before a deadline, you know the struggle-a barrage of updates, never-ending uploads, constant coordination, and a nagging worry that you’re not looking at the latest version.

With Microsoft Office Online®, those issues are gone; in their stead is the ability to edit your Office Online documents directly in CloudLex® and, crucially, at the same time as your colleagues. Users can see who is looking at your documents in real time. This increased transparency leads to fewer check-ins, simplified workflow, and faster turnarounds for your clients.

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Track tasks from anywhere

Let’s accept one fact; we all forget things, especially when we have multiple cases to handle at any given point in time. But this is where technology comes to the rescue.

Without having a bird-eye view of all the tasks across matters, it can be very confusing, chaotic, and could lead to possibly missing the deadline as you don’t know which cases and tasks need your immediate attention. CloudLex has put an end to this confusion. You can get a birds-eye view of all the tasks across all your cases that are due in the next 30 days and tasks that are already overdue. 

With legal task management software, you can remind all users, those assigned to a task, or specific users that you think are behind. You can also choose to remind users on specific days like 1, 7, 15, 30, 60, and 90 days before the due date. So the user receives the notification well in advance and immediately before the task due dates.

Assigned users can mark the progress of the task in “Percentage complete”, so everyone in the firm knows when to expect deliverables, before the due date or after the due date.

Manage your calendars from anywhere

It may come as no surprise that many law firms, from solo to national personal injury firms, are concerned about handling their court calendars and critical deadlines. 

CloudLex gives you the ability to associate all events created for specific Intake or Matter in a single and color-coded view using an intuitive calendaring feature.

This feature helps you see all your upcoming events, e.g., deposition, arbitration, upcoming NOC or SOL, etc. in one glance. You can create recurring events, link tasks to the event so that you track the progress towards completion of events. Moreover, it gives you the ability to filter the calendar by events, owners, location, and more. 

Not implementing a proper legal calendaring system can seriously put your PI firm at risk. CloudLex’s calendaring program integrates with a myriad of calendar apps, so you never miss a deadline, and you’re always in the know.

Where you can’t afford to be more flexible with your time is waiting to sign up for a free demo.  Sign up now—whether you’re in the office or working from home—to get your PI practice moving forward while you’re working from home.

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