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4 Reasons Why Legal Tech Makes You a Better Attorney

Why Legal Tech Makes You a Better Attorney

Technology offers more opportunities than ever to live on the go. Our devices allow us to keep in touch with family and friends, but we can also stay in touch with colleagues and clients. While your office might be the hub of your business, you aren’t limited to that space. Take your business anywhere with legal cloud software solutions like CloudLex, a plaintiff litigation management software that will be there for you no matter where you are. CloudLex is designed to make your life easier and more flexible.

Being chained to the office is a thing of the past. Remote case management is the future. You don’t have to be in the office to provide superior case management. Imagine the flexibility to shift your workday on an as-needed basis or the flexibility to spend quality time with your family – all while accomplishing more in less time than ever before. There’s no need to imagine with cloud-based legal case management software. We can help you achieve true flexibility. Here are just a few ways CloudLex meets your clients’ and staff’s collaborative needs when you’re on the go and helps your PI firm grow. 

Best cloud based legal practice management software puts your clients at the center of everything you do – without adding to your workload. In personal injury law, word of mouth and an excellent reputation go a long way in gaining new clients. Create a positive experience for your current clients, and your reputation will precede you.  

Although the office may be closed over the weekend, you can easily access vital info and records from anywhere and share them using client communication management software. This is particularly useful if you have a client that works a traditional 9-5 job and can’t make it into the office or even have a phone meeting during your business hours. Cloud-based legal case management software gives you the flexibility you crave while allowing you the ability to put your clients at the center of your firm, which ultimately creates unified communications for law firms, thus benefitting everyone. 

According to the law technology today, 67% of consumers look for a lawyer who responds to a phone call or email right away. Effectively communicating with clients is essential to establishing a good relationship. CloudLex lets you access pertinent case details from your smartphone, tablet, notebook, or desktop.  

Collaborate Seamlessly with Legal Cloud Software Apps 

When businesses had to unexpectedly begin working remotely in 2020 as a result of the pandemic, it wasn’t always smooth sailing for everyone. The concept was new to many law firms, and most didn’t have the proper legal software or technology to transition. However, within a few months, employees were able to adapt and become even more productive working from home.   

A study from the Chicago Booth Review revealed that participants stated they felt 40 percent more productive working from home than in an office. Your team members don’t have to be face-to-face in the same room to collaborate seamlessly with cloud-based legal practice management software.

Our matter management software (included in our iOS and Android app) lets you assign and monitor tasks for your team to complete at your convenience. With our Microsoft Office Online® integration, documents can be created, edited, and co-authored with familiar interfaces, and those alterations will be immediately shown across everyone’s devices. All team members will have the same version, no matter where they are, thus allowing everyone to work synchronously to achieve common goals.  

The biggest obstacles to overcome are disorganization and miscommunication. Collaboration won’t be an issue if you can empower your team to problem solve, prioritize effectively, and work together towards common goals. Collaboration is part of life. Adding in the right tools can make collaborating a breeze by removing barriers and keeping your staff connected, focused, and productive.   

Cloud Based Legal Case Management Software Lets You Get a Birds-Eye View on the Fly 

Stay briefed on any developments happening in the office, even if you’re not there physically. CloudLex’s info-packed dashboards stay up to date with all projects and tasks, so you stay informed anywhere. Through our targeted reports, you’ll gain in-depth insight into your PI firm’s key performance indicators that monitor the monthly status of new, closed, and stalled matters. Our tasks management software lets you see which daily projects are off track, meaning you can find issues in the firm from outside the office and immediately take action.  

Transparency is key when anyone in the firm is working remotely.  Just because you’re not physically in the office doesn’t mean you need to relinquish control. Knowing exactly where each matter stands means you’ll be better equipped to meet expectations and tackle any potential issues before they develop into problems.  

Cloud Legal Practice Software Helps You Access Full Functionality of Your Office Anywhere 

We can help bridge the gap between the physical office and remote workplace, allowing you to run your law firm from anywhere you desire. Our cloud-based legal practice software keeps everything organized and is easily accessible from any web browser or device. It’s available in real-time, so you don’t skip a beat.  

CloudLex—the next-gen Legal Cloud® provides you with everything you need to build, manage, and grow your PI practice from wherever you find yourself.  

Access our comprehensive legal tech apps with the cloud, including the Referral Engine, Digital Archiver, CloudLex for Word, CloudLex for Outlook, App Integrator, and more. Be secure with your time, wherever work happens. 

Don’t waste more time and sign up for a free demo. Sign up now and get your PI practice moving wherever you are. 

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