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The Best Cloud Storage for Law Firms

Best Cloud Storage for Law Firms

Physical files and closed file storage have always placed a major burden on law firms of all types. However, this is especially true for personal injury firms, which can receive thousands of pages of records for a single, average case. This is exacerbated by the need to maintain files for many years after the case has been closed. Not only is this cumbersome – dealing with piles of paper and stacks of banker boxes – it’s also expensive. In-office storage eats up valuable space. Off-site storage is expensive and inconvenient, especially when you need to access an old client file. Fortunately, there is another way. The best storage option is no longer physical; it’s cloud storage for law firms.

Cloud storage for law firms is the way forward. In fact, it’s been gaining traction among firms due to advances in technology and cybersecurity capabilities. Once you try it, you’ll never want to go back to your old system of digging through endless piles of paper. With secure cloud storage platform for law firms, your office will become paper-light, and you’ll be able to see your desk again! With legal cloud storage options, all your files will be stored digitally in a searchable, secure archive that can be accessed on any internet-enabled device. Old files (and current ones too) will no longer take up space in your office, and you won’t need off-site storage either. You’ll save endless hours (and no small amount of money) by eliminating labor-intensive organizing, filing, and searching through boxes.

If you’re ready to save cash with no further need to pay for physical space, storage supplies, and employee time organizing them, then read on. We’ll be looking a little closer at the best cloud storage for law firms in today’s post.

Law firm cloud storage options are not the same as the free or cheap cloud options you might use personally. But just what should you be looking for in the best cloud storage for law firms? Well, it has to be secure cloud storage for law firms as well as convenient. The top cloud storage providers for PI law firms use cutting-edge, state-of-the-art technology – the same technology that major financial firms and government agencies use. For example, Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure uses servers that are kept secure in highly controlled data centers owned and operated by Microsoft, with the highest level of physical-access security. Furthermore, thousands of cybersecurity personnel monitor the servers in those centers around the clock. These cybersecurity experts both passively and actively monitor data security. They run tests around the clock and even regularly probe their systems, looking for weaknesses. Additionally, data is mirrored across multiple locations, so even physical catastrophic events won’t affect your data. And with a simple Google-like search, you can find what you are looking for amongst all your old matters.

Speaking of physical disasters, the best cloud storage for law firms eliminates the risk of natural disasters wiping out your local storage facilities and office. Massive weather events – such as Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy – inundated or destroyed law offices and storage facilities. Tens of thousands of closed client files were damaged, with no hope of retrieval. Fires have destroyed law offices and storage facilities, causing major damage to ongoing cases.

Finally, you increase your risk if you’re not using robust cloud storage for law firms, such as those based on Microsoft Azure. If you’re running local servers, they can be more easily hacked than the cloud. Why? Because most law firms can’t afford a team of dedicated cybersecurity experts monitoring and testing their systems 24/7/365. Then there’s the issue of physical security. What’s stopping someone from simply breaking in, picking up your server, and carrying it out of the office? Or from sneaking a flash drive into your office and downloading a copy of all your data? Finally, what happens if your laptop or briefcase containing hardcopy or locally stored files is stolen? There’s no way to limit access to your data or share files prior to the culprit being found. With cloud services for law firms, all of these problems are no longer of concern to you.

The best secure cloud storage for law firms

As a CloudLex subscriber, you get access to our matter management software and archiving system, which is hosted on those super-secure Microsoft Azure servers we were talking about before.  Even better, you can use our secure matter storage for a simple archive fee starting at $15 one-time-per-matter. Once a case is closed, all you need to do is click a button, and that’s it. The matter is closed and moved from your active matters application to the archive application.

Need to access an archived matter? No worries there either. With our legal cloud storage, you can quickly retrieve and re-archive[RC2]  for no additional fee, with a few simple clicks. Say goodbye to mountains of boxes around your office! Our secure cloud storage for law firms is for law firms of all sizes. Thus, we have cloud storage for small law firms and national-level law firms.

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The best cloud storage for law firms is simple to use. Within your CloudLex software which includes all the tools, you need right from client intake, matter manager, legal client communication, and calendar management system. you can easily also archive matters (including notes, calendar entries, all documents, tasks, etc.) and retrieve them.

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