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What Is Legal Practice Management Software?

What Is Legal Practice Management Software?

Legal practice management software is a holistic system that helps lawyers manage daily operations and business processes within their practice. It centralizes every aspect of casework, including intakes, events, expenses, documents, files, notes, calendar, billing, etc., in order to improve work efficiency by helping you stayed organized. The added productivity of using legal practice management software allows firms to increase their caseload and profitability.

Good practice management software has many features that will differ depending on what area of law you practice. Some popular features include:

Case management:

A core feature of any practice management software, this gives you the ability to access pertinent case information anywhere, at any time, and on any device.

Document management:

Edit, store, and manage all documents for efficient filing and searching.

Calendar management:

Stay on top of your case events! See your deadlines clearly outlined.

Task management:

Move toward closure at every hour. Manage your team’s workload and productivity to make sure cases are progressing.

Communication management:

Organize-case specific internal and external communication, ensuring you never miss a client interaction.

Workflow automation:

Streamline your processes and increase productivity by removing mundane and repeatable tasks.

Reports and dashboard:

A one-stop, bird’s eye view of your firm’s performance, including cases, tasks, calendar events, expenses, and settlements, providing information to make decisions and evaluations.


A must-have feature for every law firm. Keep your clients’ data secure at all times, protected from unauthorized access.

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