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Webinar Recap: What is Dark Social, and Why it Matters to Personal Injury Firms!

Dark social webinar

Webinar Recap: What is Dark Social, and Why it Matters to Personal Injury Firms!

When it comes to personal injury marketing and growing your law firm, information is power. If you’re a legal professional, you know tracking leads on your content is important in understanding your firm’s overall performance. 

What if we told you that when you see reactions and conversions happening on your content on social media, it is not the full picture! The reality is that a vast majority of the action may be taking place out of view, within “dark social” networks. In fact, some seemingly failed posts may have gone viral among niche groups of highly engaged peers. 

In this live interactive webinar, “What is Dark Social and Why it Matters to Personal Injury Firms’, industry expert Conrad Saam, owner and founder of Mockingbird Marketing, explains the concept of “dark social.”

Additionally, Saam provides answers about the value of using dark social as a personal injury firm, analyzes how attorneys use it to gain a competitive advantage of their own, and shares tips and tricks to starting with dark social yourself. 

Below is a recap, or click here to watch the full recording on-demand.

What is dark social and why it Is important for your PI firm (1:50)

From search engine optimization (SEO) to pay-per-click (PPC), attorneys use many tools to track their firms’ leads. However, with marketing strategies like these becoming increasingly expensive, attorneys are looking toward a more cost-effective and competitive solution for their PI firm. But what exactly is this solution, and why aren’t more PI attorneys using it to their advantage? Hint: it does not work like tracking common marketing channels. Learn about what “dark social” is and how important it is for personal injury law firms to use it to expand their referral traffic locally throughout their city.

Real-life example of a PI attorney using dark social (3:17)

This section looks at a stellar example of a well-known PI attorney, Morris Lilienthal, who has succeeded through his unique marketing and community engagement approach. He utilizes the “dark social” concept by hosting a broadcast show called “The Mo Show.” Despite having no direct connection to his legal practice, the show has helped him build a strong local following and a robust referral network. In the presentation, Saam outlines a three-step process that any attorney can use to replicate Morris’s success and create a referral source within their local community. By leveraging their personal brand and utilizing the power of “dark social,” lawyers can establish themselves as trusted members of the community and drive business to their practice. 

The problem with tracking the value of dark social posts (5:25)

In personal injury law, a lot of firms like to get a clear picture of which of their content is generating leads. In many cases, there are easy-to-track data and referral models to understand where your leads are coming from, where consultations are coming from, and in some cases, even where clients are coming from. However, this valuable information cannot be linearly tracked with dark social content. This segment delves into various examples of dark social in legal contexts to understand why more attorneys don’t see the value in it.

Dark social examples and lessons in real-life (6:54)

If you are still skeptical about the benefits of “dark social” for your law firm, don’t worry, you are not alone. However, there are numerous examples of lawyers who have successfully leveraged this marketing tool to drive results for their practice. Here, Saam analyzes three more cases of attorneys using the power of dark social and distills the key lessons that can be applied to your own “dark social” content strategy. By understanding the elements that make these examples successful, you too, can harness the full potential of “dark social” and take your marketing efforts to the next level. 

A guide to starting dark social as a PI firm (14:15)

Are you sold on dark social and now wondering how to generate this type of content for your law firm? Dark social, as demonstrated by the success of other attorneys, has the potential to be a valuable marketing tool for law firms. However, it requires a strategic approach to be effective.

The process can involve:

  • Implementing a content strategy
  • Knowing what your niche topic is
  • Understanding the time commitment and
  • Everything in between.

Watch Conrad break down thirteen seemingly simple, yet really hard, keys for dark social success, such as moving beyond legal matters, leveraging others’ social networks, and the 12-month rule.

Tips, tricks & inspiration for starting dark social (27:00)

Lawyers are extremely busy, so marketing their firm can seem tedious and expensive. Although dark social can be a time commitment, the value it generates is incomparable. Dark social enables you to focus on turning your city into a referrer data – boosting the firm’s performance and productivity in the long run. Learn essential tips and tricks for mastering content creation and get inspiration from the top lawyers in the dark social game.

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