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Dark Social for Personal Injury Law Firms

What is Dark Social and Why it Matters to Personal Injury Firms

What if we tell you that when you see reactions and conversions happening on your content on social media is not the full picture? The reality is that a vast majority of the action may be taking place out of view, within “dark social” platforms!

Join Conrad Saam for a discussion as he talks about utilizing dark social for personal injury law firms.

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Learn how to utilize dark social for personal injury law firms

Duration: 30 mins + Q/A

In fact, some posts that have seemingly failed may have gone viral among niche groups of highly engaged peers. In this webinar you will learn more about where and how this happens! We’re going to shine a light on the following:

  • What is dark social?
  • Why does dark social dominate content-sharing activity?
  • How can law firm marketers measure dark social?
  • Much more!

About the speaker

After leading marketing efforts for Avvo, Conrad Saam founded Mockingbird, an online marketing agency focused exclusively on legal. Called the “Gary V of Legal,” Conrad is the author of Own the Map, published by the American Bar Association and The FindLaw Jailbreak Guide, co-host of Lunch Hour Legal Marketing with Gyi Tsakalakis, a Google Small Business Advisor, and held positions for various ABA’s Practice Management marketing committees. A semi-professional bridge arsonist, Conrad enjoys publishing Cease and Desist letters from unscrupulous legal marketing vendors. He once bought the keyword “mesothelioma lawyer” for $4.76. Conrad is the proud owner of Zippy, the first and only chicken to be awarded the Lawyers of Distinction Top 10% Award, which recognizes lawyers duped into buying a $700 annual subscription to a plaque.

Conrad Saam for CloudLex

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