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6 Ingredients To Cook up the Right Personal Injury Software for Your Firm

Right Personal Injury Software for Your Firm

Not all meals are the same—choosing which chips you want at the gas station isn’t as important as deciding where to take your friend out for their promotion. Similarly, some law firm decisions carry more weight than others—for example, picking the right personal injury software to run your practice.

It’s the meal equivalent of making a reservation to celebrate your spouse’s birthday, your 25th anniversary, and Valentine’s Day all in one night; mess it up and you’ll be paying the price for a very long time.

That’s because the right personal injury software sets the table for your firm’s future success; whereas, the wrong one can leave a bad taste forever.

And there’s no shortage of options on the menu: from generic case management software to state-of-the-art cloud technology (such as CloudLex)…so before you get burned by antiquated law practice management software or skeevy salesmen claiming to sell you the “best case management software out there,” marinate on the information buffet we’re serving and put the 6 ingredients below on your “Best Personal Injury Software” shopping list:

1) Handfuls of specificity

Just as a Japanese pastry chef doesn’t use the same utensils as an Italian butcher, you require different tools for your personal injury cases than a family law practice requires for theirs.

The personal injury practice area has its own set of legal documents, challenges, and idiosyncrasies—you need software that can match those needs. Avoid generic legal case management software that can only offer piecemeal help (e.g. case summary, medical injuries list) and look for legal software that can provide you with case information unique to your matters

2) Only a pinch of cost

Your software should help you make money, not spend it.

If you’re allergic to wasting cash, don’t add antiquated case management software to your legal cupboard; they require more than just expensive software—they also require expensive hardware, overhead, and staff (servers, office space, training, licensing, upgrades, around-the-clock IT support, and more).

A better choice is cloud-based tech; the cloud runs on a pay-as-you-go model with low monthly subscriptions, zero long-term maintenance fees, and no specialized IT staff—all you need is a laptop and internet…so you get Michelin star service at fast food prices.

3) A mere teaspoon of training

A day in the life of a modern personal injury attorney is busier than that neighborhood hot spot you can never get a reservation at—don’t make it busier by adopting archaic software that requires your staff to sit through months of training.

The software you choose should be designed for your firm’s specific needs and mirror applications that your employees already have on their devices at home. This type of familiarity makes things intuitive and easy to use for your staff; so they can be productive from the get go.

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4) Cups full of collaboration

Too many cooks don’t spoil the broth, if you have the right personal injury software. Older solutions don’t allow for collaboration, because they lack the organizational tools and timely updates to keep everyone on the same page; but modern software can help you remove the work from teamwork.

With cloud tech, you can edit and share urgent legal documents with your team from wherever. And because docs are centrally stored and updated in real-time, you can ensure you’re always in the most recent version—leading to increased efficiency and decreased frustration.

5) Mounds of mobility

A large portion of work today happens outside the confines of an office—that’s why you need software that allows you to bring work home as easily as you bring food home.

Cloud-based case management software lets you handle your business on your own terms, because you can manage your cases from anywhere, at anytime, on any internet-enabled device—so whether you’re stuck in traffic or on your couch, you’re never stuck sitting around.

6) Several servings of security

A client finding out your personal injury firm suffered a data breach is like a restaurant diner discovering a huge bug in their soup—it puts both customers at risk and leads to harmful consequences for the businesses (e.g. work interruption, potential litigation, a loss of goodwill).

Because your personal injury software is your first line of defense against breach, it’s important you choose wisely—avoid software that needs constant updates by an error-prone IT staff and requires you to host your data on local servers; instead, gravitate toward cloud software that will continuously monitor your data and update while you sleep.

But it’s not time to sleep yet; it’s time to feast…on the right personal injury software.

Mix all the ingredients above together and you’ll be treated to CloudLex—a next-gen cloud-based legal platform designed exclusively for personal injury attorneys. CloudLex is an easy-to-use suite of innovative apps that helps you collaborate securely and efficiently from anywhere for a low-monthly price. Stop marinating on it…sign up for a free demo now and get cooking with productivity. 

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