Can Tasks Be Automated?

Yes, with CloudLex(R), routine tasks can be set up as a legal workflow automation and assigned to the necessary team members. Once set up, you can assign these repetitive tasks with a click of a button every time you start a new case so that nothing gets missed. Your staff will receive updates and reminders, and you’ll have an overview of all outstanding tasks and deadlines, so your firm never misses an important date again.

For example, you have a hearing coming up, which means the lead attorney needs to be assigned critical events (e.g., a notice of hearing filing or hearing date) and corresponding tasks need to be delegated (e.g., send courtesy copies, prepare a digital hearing folder, print document binders, converse in good faith with opposing counsel, and arrange a court reporter).

So how do you remain efficient and stop wasting time on administrative tasks?

With CloudLex’s legal workflow automation tools, you can assign all hearing-related tasks at once.

And it’s not just hearings; you can create custom workflows for any stage of your case that requires repetitive tasks.

Once assigned, your colleagues and staff will get reminders whenever they log in to CloudLex(R) and follow-up emails as an added protection against missed deadlines. You can even track task status on your dashboard.

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