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Best CRM for Lawyers: Automate, Win More Clients, Grow Firm

Best CRM for Lawyers

What is a law firm CRM?

Customer Relationship Management software helps law firms build strong relationships with their current and potential clients through efficient and organized processes. Legal CRM software helps ensure no clients or opportunities slip through the cracks. CRM for lawyers is used to manage business development functions, including client intake, scheduling, follow-ups, revenue tracking, etc. It streamlines the client intake process and gives you the ability to turn potential new clients into retained clients.

Why CRM software for lawyers?

Any law firm looking for a smart, comprehensive, and flexible solution to grow its revenue can benefit from a CRM. Attracting clients is a concern for all firms, regardless of their size. As your practice grows, you’ll find you need a CRM to organize existing clients and leads.

A CRM for lawyers can provide you with a clear understanding of what your firm is doing by providing you with all the information you need at your fingertips. When the data you need is easily accessible, you and your employees can better answer questions and support your clients’ needs. In time, your clients will appreciate how knowledgeable you are about their cases.

You’ll get to know your competition and how you can gain a competitive edge over them with CRM insights. According to research, 39% of companies with an integrated CRM platform cite it as a competitive advantage or strategic asset.

You can also track your law firm’s marketing activity, which takes the guesswork out of marketing. CRM  for lawyers provides transparency and insight into your target markets by giving you the data and metrics. Create tailored campaigns and eliminate approaches that are proving to be ineffective.

Because everything is centered on a CRM, it reduces errors and helps improve communication.

A good CRM solution will make your law firm more efficient. Law firm CRM software can do more than just store client information. It’s important to choose the tool that best fits your firm’s needs.

There are four primary types of CRMs:

Operational CRMs – automate processes, freeing your team to focus on their expertise.

Analytical CRMs  – gather, store and analyze data to help you act on trends to improve customer experiences and boost conversions.

Collaborative CRMs – manage interactional data so team members the best way to interact with leads.

Marketing CRMs – offer data-driven campaign-management tools.

What are the best CRMs for lawyers?

Some law firm CRM tools go beyond just storing contact information for clients. They automate many of the day-to-day processing, making things more efficient. CRMs consolidate all communications, documents, and tasks associated with each lead and client, allowing your entire team to access those details at the right time.

Four useful law firm CRM software

To choose a CRM for legal firms, evaluate your budget, goals, and the features you need in a CRM. You can even perform a soft rollout of your chosen CRM to make sure it meets your company’s needs.

Hubspot CRM

This is a CRM for all industries, but it’s especially beneficial for those companies that have constant contact with clients or customers through various platforms and need to keep track of it. Hubspot CRM allows you to automatically track interactions that occur via social media, over the phone, and through email. Spreadsheets are no longer needed with Hubspot. You can set up workflows that send an email when a client has visited a specific practice area page or when they visit your contact page and fill out a form. Find every contact, customer, and conversation with ease.


CloudLex is designed by experienced attorneys, industry professionals, and expert engineers. The LegalCloud® platform handles productivity, accountability, communication, collaboration, and insights across the firm. Cloudlex handles it all — from case intake to settlement and negotiation. Cloudlex combines the benefits of other CRMs and rolls them into one powerful solution. With Cloudlex, firms can manage clients, matter management, and communication in one place. Getting organized and staying organized is a breeze. Cloudlex is easy to customize and simple to use. All the information you need is in one place. Easily track conversations and case history to deliver a more personal experience for your clients. Cloudlex allows you to:

●       Collaborate on documents and events, regardless of your location.

●       Monitor your firm’s progress and caseload with legal task management software

●       Receive real-time updates

●       View dashboards

●       Generate actionable reports

●       Accelerate case progress efficiently with team collaboration and staff accountability

●       Oversee law firm KPI with legal practice dashboard

●       Reduce duplicate work with workflow automation for law firms

●       Increase cross-team visibility


Zoho CRM makes it easy for companies to convert more leads, engage with customers, and grow revenue. Zoho specializes in customer relationship management software and features lead management, deal management, contact management, and workflow automation tools. 

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