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Team-ing With Efficiency: How CloudLex Can Transform Your Pi Law Firm Into a Modern, Collaborative Workplace

How CloudLex Can Transform Your Pi Law Firm

The law has evolved throughout history; after all, it was illegal to wear purple in ancient Rome if you weren’t royalty—and now it’s only illegal in Chicago sports bars on Sundays (sorry, Vikings’ fans). Similarly, legal workplaces have evolved—it’s no longer one person at the top making all the decisions, evaluating staff on an individual basis, and forcing associates to come into the office on a Sunday.

Instead, the focus has shifted towards looser chains of command, decentralized management, increased collaboration, and an emphasis on firm-wide (not individual) accomplishments.

What does that mean?

It’s simple: more hands on deck. It’s no longer about who’s steering the ship; it’s about getting to your destination (a modern and successful PI law firm) through collaboration and efficiency.

Where do I start?

You need to get your head into the cloud. Work today doesn’t happen only in an office—it happens wherever you are at the moment…wherever your clients are.

The Legal Cloud® provides you unprecedented access to your matters from wherever—leading to maximum collaboration. That’s because all your info is stored centrally and updated in real time—so you can let your personal injury attorneys handle their business in a decentralized fashion without fear of misinformation or duplicative work during case management.

Where does CloudLex fit into this?

CloudLex is an evolved legal platform for evolved personal injury law firms. Here are just a few of the ways our comprehensive suite of legal tech apps can instantly transform your PI practice into a modern, collaborative workplace:

  • With Matter Manager (included in our iOS app), you can assign and monitor tasks that your team can handle at their convenience. Matter Manager makes sure your firm gets things done through helpful scheduling features, critical document management options, and a bevy of organizational tools.
  • CloudLex promotes teamwork through matter-specific communication tools and integration with your favorite apps (like Microsoft Office Online, outside storage solutions, your preferred email to clients, and more)—you can assign and monitor tasks; easily share important info and records; and co-author documents without having to worry if everyone’s in the same version or if the project you’re working on has already been done.
  • Our automated workflows allow you to group together recurring tasks and assign them all at once—so you can stop babysitting your team and allow them to be lawyers free of suffocating supervision.
  • Through our targeted reports you’ll gain in-depth insight into your PI firm’s key performance indicators (e.g., new matters per month, closed matters per month, stalled matters)—so you can decide where to allocate or scale back your staff and make your PI law firm more efficient. And our Tasks feature lets you see which of your daily projects are off track—enabling you to stay on top of deadlines, delegate (or re-delegate) critical projects, and get your staff back on track.

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By reading this blog, you’re already on the right track—but keep going by checking out the rest of our revolutionary apps that will help your workplace evolve from the Stone Age to the cloud age in a matter of nanoseconds; then continue time-traveling by signing up for a free demo so our team can collaborate with your team on the ultimate project: making your PI law firm a modern, efficient, and successful workplace.

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