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Operate, Manage, Communicate And Collaborate – Anytime, Anywhere, Any Screen!
Cutting Edge Technology Designed For Today’s Law Firms Serving Today’s Plaintiffs.

Personal Injury Case Management Software

Proactive Case Management

This CloudLexTM application will allow you to take control of matter management. Its innovative design, intuitive information management mechanism and this easy to use application will help you implement proactive case management at every stage – allowing you to get ahead, instead of struggling to keep up. CloudLexTM has specific information management capabilities pertinent to automobile accidents, premises, slip and fall, trip and fall, medical malpractice, animal bite and other tort cases. Its built-in user roles have varying permissions and privileges making it a very effective matter management application.

Firm Level Calendaring

CloudLexTM helps you manage critical dates, deadlines and appointments all in one firm-wide calendar. It gives you the ability to view, edit and allocate appointments to anyone in the firm. In a user-friendly and color-coded manner, you can view and manage Statute of Limitations, Date of Incident, No-Fault Deadlines, Notice of Claim Deadlines, EBT/Deposition Dates and other events. You can set tickler dates to help you manage your matter-related critical milestones. CloudLexTM Calendar can be easily integrated with other popular calendars such as Outlook, iCal and Google.

Case Management Firm Level Calendaring
Personal Injury Document Management and Storage

Document Management and Storage

CloudLexTM uses Microsoft’s robust and scalable storage technology that works with any type of text or binary data, including document and media files. With CloudLexTM you can: store hundreds of thousands matter files in the cloud; open PDFs, documents and images or stream audio and video files directly in your browser; and intuitively name, categorize and tag your files for efficient search and information management.

Conflict Checks

Our intuitive reports allow you to see the entire litigation history and the role of a particular entity, helping you avoid any conflicts at the time of new case intakes. This easy to use application lets you select any contact in the system and displays its relationship with your matters.

law practice management software
legal practice management software

Management Reports & Dashboard

CloudLexTM has role-specific dashboards and reports that let you manage your firm and cases in an effective manner. Your staff can utilize these applications to quickly identify critical matters and tasks. As Managing Partner, you benefit from many practice level key performance indicators (KPIs) that help you measure, track and manage your firm more effectively. Our extensive and customizable reports give you the ability to slice and dice data any which way, enabling you to view matter or practice related data at a macro and micro level.

Email Communication

Our fully integrated e-mail application enables you to send and receive emails while you are working on your matters. Whether it is an important task, a reminder or a matter related summary, you can send emails, tag matters and take notes all at the same time – without losing your focus. The CloudLexTM email application is a “discussion board” style email system that tracks your matter-tagged email conversations. CloudLexTM email can be synchronized with Microsoft Outlook, Google Apps or Gmail.

best litigation software
legal cloud based case management software

Firm-Wide Task Allocation and Tracking

CloudLexTM encourages and enables a task oriented organization, meaning each firm member, based upon their roles and the matters they are assigned to, can be assigned predefined tasks with specific due dates. As a role based, task oriented organization you can monitor firm and individual level tasks, their criticality, progress and any hurdles that are hindering the completion of these tasks. Task monitoring and tracking not only helps you manage your cases efficiently but also gives you a view of firm and individual level utilization and contribution.

Internal Firm Conversation

Reduce your email clutter by utilizing Sidebar for all internal, matter-related firm conversations. The Sidebar function is a discussion board style communication system that allows you to tag matters, add comments and follow posts. As with CloudLexTM email, Sidebar is easily accessible from every screen allowing you to quickly make comments without exiting the matter/report/practice view or losing your place.

legal cloud based software
legal cloud practice management software

More Money To Finance Your Cases

Stop spending thousands of dollars on IT infrastructure, Case Management Systems, Outdated Servers, Annual Maintenance and Upgrade Charges. Instead of investing in outdated technology, invest in growing your firm by choosing CloudLexTM.
Built on cutting edge technology from the ground up, CloudLexTM provides you with a nimble, secure and constantly evolving Legal CloudTM!

Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device, Any Screen

CloudLexTM offers you an anytime, anywhere, any screen computing environment. You can access CloudLexTM from your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. All your information is at your fingertips – no need to lug those heavy folders and enormous briefcases around the courthouse! All you need is a browser and an internet connection to run your entire practice. Show up to the courthouse with nothing but your tablet and bask in the envy of every lawyer in the room.

civil litigation matter management software
best litigation software for law firms


CloudLexTM is designed to work with products you may already be using to manage your practice and collaborate with external parties. In addition to our own document storage and calendaring applications, CloudLexTM offers optional integration with products such as Dropbox, Google Apps, iCal, Microsoft Outlook and more. Once integrated these products communicate with CloudLexTM, allowing you to automatically sync information in multiple places.

Compliant Security

Every lawyer knows that data security is of the utmost importance. The Rules of Professional Conduct require that client information be maintained in a secure manner. A majority of bar associations have issued formal Ethics Opinions outlining heightened requirements for maintaining your client’s information electronically. CloudLexTM security is fully compliant with ethical requirements on data security.

CloudLexTM is hosted on Microsoft Azure which comes with 24/7/365, active security monitoring, 256-bit encryption, SSL. Azure holds: ISO/IEC 27001:2005; HIPAA/HITECH; IRS; American Institute of CPAs; and numerous other compliance certifications.

attorney case management software
best cloud based case management software

Running on Robust Microsoft Cloud: Azure

Azure’s network of Microsoft datacenters is larger than both Amazon’s cloud and Google’s cloud combined. This means your data is secure and accessible. Azure’s capacity is virtually unlimited – when your business begins to expand, you won’t need to invest in more technology.

With CloudLexTM, you get the same reliable and secure platform utilized by some of the world’s largest companies including GE, 3M, Citrix and more. Whether you’ve got 10 matters or 10,000 matters, CloudLexTM is the only Legal CloudTM you will ever need.

Compliant Digital Archiving

More and more bar associations across the country are opining on and encouraging digital record archiving (Example: NYSBA Opinion #680). CloudLex gives you the option of Digital Case Archiving for closed cases. With only the click of a button, you have the option of archiving all your matter documents and information including all notes, emails and conversations. CloudLex can archive your cases in an ethically compliant way for the next 7 years – no expensive offsite storage and no precipitous piles of paper perched precariously around the office!

CloudLex Digital Archiving