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10 Must-have Features of Personal Injury Case Management Software

Case Management software is at the core of any personal injury practice. As you may already know, there are a lot of options, from on-premise to cloud-based platforms, when buying software for your personal injury law firm.

Firstly, given the unique nature of a personal injury practice as compared to other legal practices, PI attorneys need software developed specifically for them. Personal injury is a highly specialized vertical with nuances that are peculiar only to personal injury cases E.g. specific case intakes, medical treatments, workflows, templates, contingent fees, etc.

We have made a list of the 12 must-have features that personal injury firms must consider when buying case management software in 2021 and how CloudLex helps you access them with ease.

1. Simplified Case Management

Personal injury case management software allows you to take control of your case management process. The system’s innovative design and intuitive information management mechanism helps you implement proactive case management from intake to settlement- allowing you to get ahead, instead of struggling to keep up.

CloudLex has specific information management capabilities pertinent to personal injury case management – automobile accidents, premises, slip and fall, trip and fall, medical malpractice, animal bite, and other cases. Its built-in user roles have varying permissions and privileges, making it a very effective case management software for personal injury lawyers.

2. Caseload Management

Do you need to know your active matter count, the firm-wide count or the number of active matters in each phase of litigation for either? Our personal injury case management app gives you this information at a glance.

With merely the click of a button, our plaitiff litigation management software allows you to view all cases in a specific stage, such as “Investigation” or “Discovery”, as well as individual sub-phases. Tracking the progress of your personal injury cases has never been easier.

As an added benefit, these handy timelines (along with our other case management features) will enable you to significantly decrease case processing time and enhance your firm’s case management capabilities. With CloudLex, you get a more efficient firm and happier clients.

3. Easily Monitor Individual Matter Progress

The individual home page of each case features an intuitive, prominently displayed matter status timeline. Within seconds you will know the matter’s current status.

In addition, critical dates for personal injury cases are prominently highlighted on the matter’s home page.

4. Attorney/Matter Distribution

Our interactive, color-coded matter distribution wheel, allows you to see the total distribution of all active matters in the firm by the individual attorney.

Just like a pie chart, segment size correlates to the percentage of open matters assigned to that attorney. Simply click a segment to see the attorney name, total matters assigned to that attorney and a list of assigned matter names. Managing personal injury case assignments has never been easier.

5. Consolidated Medical Treatment and Expense Details

CloudLex’s matter details give you more than just a summary of case facts and a list of medical injuries. From the matter details page, you can view all information related to your personal injury client’s medical treatment.

There are separate tabs allowing you to organize all medical information in an intuitive manner. Quickly access individual medical records and bills, information for insurance companies/providers, liens and matter expenses, in a simple easy-to-read format.

In addition, you can preview and link to the documents relevant to each individual entry, making the medical portion of personal injury case management a breeze.

6. Attorney and Firm Calendaring

Our firm-wide calendar application integrates all matter calendars and individual attorney “personal” events into one master calendar.

This calendar allows attorneys to view events across their entire caseload, as well as across the entire firm. Entries are color-coded by event type and prominently display the matter name. The entire calendar is also filterable by date and event category.

Our Calendar can be easily integrated with other popular calendars such as Outlook and Google. So updates are easily synced without leaving CloudLex-a huge time-savings for firms.

7. Case Event Reporting

Take case management to the next level with management reporting functions integrated with the firm’s calendar.

Event reports and other reports such as Statute of Limitations, allow you to quickly see upcoming events in the next 15 or 30 days for your caseload, or the entire firm.

You can even print it in a user-friendly format to take with you.

8. Firm-wide Analytics at a Glance

As soon as you log in, you’ll find all the high-level information you need to ensure smooth practice management. Dashboards with key information on such as trend analysis are readily available to assist you in running your firm.

Our intuitive trend analysis chart allows you to view your firm’s trend in new case openings, case closings, and referrals over the last 3, 6 or 12 months. Plus, you can see the total number of open cases, along with the number of open cases in each phase of litigation.

9. Never Miss a Deadline or Critical Date Again

Within CloudLex, from both the Dashboard and the Reports section, you can quickly see all upcoming critical dates – such as filing deadlines and Statute of Limitation dates.

There are different options available to generate the reports that you need, such as date category-specific reports (such as Statute of Limitations) that can be viewed in different date range configurations.

10. Comprehensive Settlement Management

Personal Injury attorneys can manage all the demands and offers in one place for single and even multiple plaintiffs in a PI case.

You can log offers from insurance adjusters against their plaintiff’s insurance and track payment requests and expenses for each injury type. The settlement calculator intuitively shows attorney recovery and plaintiff recovery for each offer and counteroffer.

Managing partners and attorneys can use firm-wide settlement reports to analyze settlement amounts, outstanding amounts, total paid amounts, demand, and offers along with closing dates so your team can follow-up on time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is personal injury case management software?

Personal injury software is a program that is built with personal injury practices and their unique processes in mind. Its Information management mechanism allows personal injury lawyers to manage cases from intake to settlement and beyond. It helps PI firms save time and process cases with increased efficiency.

How to choose personal injury case management software?

The personal injury practice area has its own set of legal documents, challenges, and idiosyncrasies—you need software that can match those needs. Avoid generic legal case management software that can only offer piecemeal help. Here is a guide to choose a personal injury software

How much does personal injury case management software cost?

Cloud-based personal injury system offers pay-as-you-go monthly subscriptions which are cash flow friendly and do not require upfront payment. CloudLex’s case management packages start from $65/user/month which is suitable for solo to small personal injury law firms. Pricing Plans

How do I determine the best case management software?

Litigation management software is the logistics of the law firm; it helps to manage and track every stage of litigation from intake to discovery, trial to settlement. It allows you to record intake, track events, manage documents, tasks and reports all in one place so your firm can process cases efficiently, saving time and money. Read our guide to determining the best case management software for personal injury practice.

How can CloudLex improve my settlement process?

Unlike generic case management software, CloudLex is a cloud-based personal injury software that caters to all your settlement needs. Here’s how you can minimize your case settlement headaches and maximize your clients’ (and your own) recovery using CloudLex. Read more

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