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5 Things Every Personal Injury Law Firm Website Should Include 

5 Things Every PI Website Should Include

According to a 2022 study conducted by the American Bar Association, approximately 94% of attorneys have a website. With so many law firms online, you need more than just a simple website to help your firm stand out. Instead, you need a website showcasing your firm’s strengths, successes, and status, encouraging potential clients to contact your office for legal help. To help you accomplish this task, the CloudLex team covers five things every Personal Injury website should include.


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1. Client testimonials 

When clients visit your website, they want to understand everything they can about your firm, what you can do for them, and why they should hire you. As part of this quest, they also want to understand how past clients felt about working with your firm. Potential clients will carefully peruse this data and use it to inform their decision. 

If you fail to collect and publish client testimonials, you may miss out on potential leads, not because you cannot help them, but because they may contact an attorney with this information on their website instead. Incorporate client testimonials as part of your case management process to ensure that happy clients can express their feedback in a way you can showcase on your firm’s website. 

2. Chatbots and website forms 

One of the most important ways to effectively reach and capture data or client intake from potential clients visiting your website is by using chatbots and website forms. Chatbots actively engage with the client, ensuring they feel like someone is there and ready to help them if they have questions or decide to contact your firm. Website forms also accomplish this goal but usually allow the client to provide more detailed information. 

Ideally, the chatbots and website forms seamlessly connect with your personal injury case management software, so everything your firm needs to know about the lead is ready and waiting for your team to review. Implementing this integration also limits the potential for human error by eliminating the need for your staff to perform data entry. Instead, they can verify the information when they communicate with your client. Software like CloudLex integrates with most websites, enabling you to capture client data when it is entered rather than hours or days later. 

3. Photos and videos of your teams 

When clients decide on what attorney to hire, another way to set yourself apart and express who you are and what you are about is to have photos and videos of your team. You might, for example, have an “introduction to the firm” video where the attorneys and staff are seen interacting with each other and talking about what the practice values. Or, you can post videos about certain areas of the law to help website visitors understand frequently misunderstood concepts or commonly asked questions. 

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